Best Free Image Resizer Apps

Today’s smartphones produce stunning images, but all that detail comes at a cost. Therefore, you need a reliable image resizing program that will immediately reduce the size of your photos without compromising their quality.

Thanks to the many photo resizing programs available, the good news is that you can quickly and easily do that. Most of them are free, but some may require in-app purchases, such as more filters or features to improve your photo editing skills. Most free options are adequate if all you want to do is resize your photos for social media.

Best Free Image Resizer Apps, an online picture resizer, is one of our favorites. The business’s website is easy to use, and it only takes a few seconds to resize photographs online. One of the best features is exporting your newly scaled image into a different format.

It couldn’t be simpler to utilize Your photographs are simply dropped into the box on the home page. You then decide how to resize your image.

Image Size Photo Resizer

In so many ways, this photo resizer tool is amazing. First off, using the interface is incredibly simple. To begin editing, you don’t need to wing it. One of the best advantages is the ability to specify an exact size in pixels, millimeters, centimeters, or inches, and your photo will be instantaneously scaled.

This one also has options like color overlay, filters to improve your picture, color and brightness tweaks, amusing effects, blur, and focus, flip, and you can even add drawings to your pictures to give them more flair.

Photoshop Express

It’s obvious that a lot of people enjoy and utilize this program. We found this photo editor to be quite simple to use, despite the fact that Adobe is not often known for ease-of-use with their applications.

Using templates for numerous well-known social media networks, including YouTube, Facebook, ETSY, Pinterest, and more, Adobe makes it simple to swiftly resize your photographs. Additionally, this app offers a tonne of custom sizes and device customization possibilities. The only drawback is that you are unable to set your own size in pixels or inches. This is a significant thing for those of us control freaks.


This program, which approximately 150,00 users use, is very simple to use. Upon opening, a white screen with a black plus button is displayed. Simply tap the + sign to begin editing after choosing a photo from your smartphone. The default filters are gorgeous.

We really adore their pre-set crop sizes for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Navigating and changing settings for exposure, contrast, Lux, brightness, sharpness, and many other options is simple. Additionally, you can include text (in several fonts) and a colourful border.


This is the easiest and most user-friendly free image resizer available. To start, the simple interface provides a large plus button on a white screen. After choosing your image, your options are limited to three: rotate, crop, and resize.

I’m done now! It’s incredibly quick and simple to use this app. While it doesn’t have any fancy extras, it does the job and lets you share your resized image with others. Resizer’s only other drawback, aside from having a very limited selection of options, is that it only functions on Apple phones. Sorry, there is not currently an Android version.


PicResize may be the right tool for the job if you need to resize one or more images. You can choose by clicking a browse button, selecting a picture from a URL, or even uploading many photographs at once. To start, you can even drag and drop images onto the box.

After the image has been uploaded, you can choose to crop, rotate, flip, or pick just a specific area of the picture. Then, before changing the size of your image, you can select options to enhance it with effects like oil painting, polaroid, and others. Choose your new file type and quality as your final option. The finished product is then available for download, further editing, or online viewing.


GNU Image Manipulation Program is known as GIMP. GIMP is unique from the other products in our lineup in that it is a download-only piece of software. It is open-source and has a large developer and design community. A full-featured picture editor, GIMP is comparable to Adobe Photoshop but is free.

Because of its robust features and free, open-source architecture, GIMP is a favorite among graphic designers, web developers, and artists alike. Similar to Photoshop, the system employs layers so that you can edit particular parts of a picture and then undo or rearrange those changes as you see fit.


Another interesting tool for resizing images is ResizeImage. Despite having a straightforward UI, there are numerous settings. There are advertisements, but they are neatly positioned at the top and bottom, not in the middle of the tool.

You may go to an extremely basic mode in ResizeImage where you upload, select a size, and then click to finish. You may rotate an image, select a portion of the image to crop, resize using either a percentage or fixed height and width, and even make the backdrop transparent if you go with the more complex options. After that, you can choose amongst the four file types JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP to save your new image in. Even before saving, you can select the quality of your image optimization.


BeFunky is another option in our list of the best photo resizers and has a catchy name. BeFunky is not only straightforward to use, especially for those without much experience in graphic design, but it is also enjoyable.

The web-based tool is jam-packed with useful features like batch processing, photo cropping and resizing, editing, and a collage builder. Using thousands of filters and effects, you can also eliminate backgrounds from images (which is quite useful) and transform them into works of art.


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