To help the government’s goal of fully vaccinating the populace by the end of August, Foodpanda and the All Karachi Restaurants Association (AKRA) have opened a COVID-19 vaccination centre in Karachi. Murtaza Wahab, the Administrator of Karachi, officially opened the centre at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Park.

Foodpanda and AKRA plan to vaccinate 500+ individuals per day, with the capacity to increase later. The centre will initially serve foodpanda passengers, restaurant employees, and their families, but it will eventually open to the general public.

“We have joined together with AKRA in response to the COVID-19 emergency as we totally support this cause,” Muntaqa Peracha, Commercial Director foodpanda, stated. This project is entirely consistent with our aim of encouraging health and safety measures in society and in the business in which we work. We encourage all of our passengers, restaurant employees, and their families to take responsibility for their country. We must ensure that our riders and restaurant personnel are healthy and safe because they engage directly with our clients; therefore, it is critical that they follow all severe safety measures as recommended by the Pakistani government.”

Faizan Rawat, AKRA General Secretary and CEO of Pizza Point, spoke about the idea. “As an organisation that represents all of the city’s restaurants, we care greatly about the people and the industry as a whole. During the COVID-19 situation, we believe we have a critical role to play and should do everything we can to mobilise relief assistance. I strongly recommend all staff members, foodpanda riders, and employees to get vaccinated as soon as possible to help fight the illness. If we all work together and play our parts appropriately, we will be able to keep the business from collapsing during these trying times.”


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