Fix Android Is Starting Optimizing App

What comes to mind when the word “optimization” is mentioned? It’s fantastic, isn’t it? It signifies acquiring an enhanced version of something you already possess. Unfortunately, it is a negative issue for Android users. Some Android phone users may find this word irritating, including those who use Xiaomi, Samsung, and other brands. You will learn how to resolve the “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” issue by reading the complete post, which will help you avoid this situation.

Before we continue, you should be aware of what Android does when it displays “Android Is Beginning Optimizing App.” In accordance with its promise that it “optimises apps,” Android updates the apps. Consequently, once the process was concluded, it is likely that all applications may adjust to the new Android version. Sadly, the problem does occasionally arise. For example, the system reboots for 24 hours before doing nothing. Additionally, the message may continue and obscure your vision.

The Reason Behind the “Optimizing App” Issue

Android is beginning to optimize the “Android Is Beginning Optimizing App” app. You should be aware of this illness’s causes. Knowing the cause will allow you to assist your friend or prevent you from making the same mistake in the future. The following are explanations:

Android Version Upgraded

As we’ve mentioned earlier, when your Android says it’s optimizing, it’s actually optimizing itself. Android automatically upgrades to the latest version, keeping you updated. In all honesty, this strategy advantages you because the application will operate faster. However, keep in mind that this may occur once the optimization has been performed properly and your applications begin to respond. This notification will appear if neither task is completed as planned or if further time is necessary.

Unsuitable Apps

Every programme on your Android device must be compatible with the most recent Android version. When downloading an app, you may not consider the app’s specifics. After the “Optimizing App” notification has been flashed multiple times, you have just come to the conclusion. Then you realise that only “equivalent” applications were authorized for installation. Yes, “Optimizing App” could be triggered by an inappropriate Android app.

Broken Apps

This shows that something occurred when you downloaded and installed an application. Your battery abruptly dies, indicating that the installation is likely unfinished. Consequently, the process has effectively halted and cannot be completed. A malfunctioning application may cause the optimization notice to appear.

Resolving the “Android Is Beginning App Optimization” Error

The moment has come to learn how to fix the “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” error. Don’t let this issue to depress you. Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions you can try. Just attempt each trick individually. Hopefully, you now own at least one helpful strategy:

1. Clearing the Cache Android Is Starting Optimizing App

Even for the “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” issue, this technique may be one of the conventional solutions. Clearing the cache can be an effective option. It is less dangerous than a factory reset. You will not lose your data when you clean the cache on your Android. In the cache, your smartphone stores temporary data. The information is buried, yet it is stored because your device predicts that it may be required in the future. As a result, it is easier to remember.

2. Uninstall the Application

Have you lately downloaded and installed a new application? If “Optimizing App” appears as soon as a new app is added, it is likely that the new app contributed to its appearance. Simply attempt to uninstall the new application to observe Android’s response. Ensure that the program has been deleted from your device by uninstalling it from the Play Store.

3. Do Not Restart While Unplugged

The more optimized an app is, the greater its battery consumption. Similar to attempting to fix the “Android Is Starting Optimizing App” problem. Most likely, your battery discharges faster. Nevertheless, kindly disconnect the phone before attempting to restart it. Occasionally, it is advantageous to unplug the phone’s charger during rebooting.

4. Remove and replace the SD card Android Is Starting Optimizing App

Remember that your Android device has an SD card slot. This item may also offer a solution to the issue. After the process of shutting down or rebooting has concluded, wait. After removing the SD card for a moment, it should be reinserted. Change the default storage configuration of your Android smartphone as soon as it boots up. Select the storage option in the settings thereafter. There is the option to format or delete the SD card. If you suspect that the SD card is the cause of the issue, you may decide to format or erase it.

5. Factory defaults

This may be a workaround for the “Android Is Beginning App Optimization” error. Remember that your Android will be as good as new if you choose to do so. After all data and settings have been erased, your phone will revert to its factory settings. Therefore, you must first create a backup of the data. The information can be uploaded to the cloud or stored on your laptop. Using the cloud is actually recommended. Because once your Android returns to normal, regaining access to it will be straightforward.

Clearing the cache is akin to performing a factory reset. Therefore, you must first enter recovery mode. Then, you select the factory reset option as displayed on the display. This Google sign-in page requires a PIN or password. If the login process was successful, the old app syncing can be disabled by swiping it away. After erasing all data from the device, it is possible to restart it.

6. Contact the Manufacturer

Use this option if you have already surrendered. When you have exhausted all previous strategies without success. Call your Android manufacturer. Inform them of what transpires and what you just performed to the device. You may be presented with concepts similar to those presented previously. Please inform customer support if you have tried any of these five solutions. If you contact the manufacturer directly, hopefully, they will be able to provide a more accurate response and resolve your issue.

It takes time to fix the “Android Is Beginning App Optimization” error. Multiple scenarios are possible, therefore, this cannot be accomplished quickly. In addition, there are different approaches to managing it. Occasionally, a specific strategy is effective, but it does not always function the same on every phone. It is understandable, as the “Optimizing App” appears owing to a number of options


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