Fix AirPods Connected

You head to the gym, pair your AirPods, and start the music. Nothing is heard by you! What a terror! Despite the fact that this issue seems serious, it is most likely the result of a minor error or defect. You can attempt to forcibly restart your iPhone, reset the earphones, or even reset the network settings on your mobile device. The issue occasionally occurred with an AirPods Pro pair that I once owned. I’ve covered all the advice and techniques that I found useful.

Let’s start now.

How Can You Fix Connected AirPods without Sound?

There are numerous fixes, some of which include:

Method 1: Reset the AirPods

Perhaps the issue is not with your phone, but with the earbuds instead? Resetting them would be the only solution. If this sounds difficult, be assured that it isn’t.

What you need to do is: Close the lid on your AirPods’ case, put them inside, and wait 30 seconds. Open the Bluetooth menu in Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Hold the set up button on your Airpod case while pressing the I next to your AirPods’ name, tapping “Forget This Device,” and then pressing the I once again to confirm (while the lid is open). Place the earphones close to your iOS device to cause them to reconnect. Do this for about 15-20 seconds.

Method 2: Charge your AirPods

There may not be a dangerous problem there. Your Airpods’ issue could simply be caused by a low battery.

Try using them again after letting them charge for at least 30 minutes. The problem would hopefully be resolved.

Method 3: Clean the earbuds

Your earbuds may simply be unclean; earwax buildup or dust buildup could be the cause of the issue not being significant.

Using a microfiber cloth to clean them is probably the best option. To make sure all the dirt is truly gone, gently wipe your AirPods a few times. However, don’t soak the towel first.

Method 4: Update the software

Have you not recently updated your iOS? This may lead to a variety of issues with iPhones, including the one in question. The most recent firmware can be downloaded using 2 methods.

Here is option 1, which is likely the simplest:

  • Select Install after going to Settings > General > Software UpdateHow Do You Fix AirPods Connected But No Sound?

The second approach is as follows:

  • Start iTunes on your computer (the most recent version is recommended to avoid issues).
  • Connect your iOS device via a USB or lightning wire.

Method 5: Access the Summary tab, then select Update.

In either case, ensure sure your internet connection is strong. Otherwise, updating to the most recent firmware would take forever. Keep connected to iTunes until iOS has been installed as well. Other issues of every kind may result from this.

Method 6: Verify that your AirPods are plugged in.

There is a chance that you are simply experiencing the no sound issue because your AirPods are not linked to your iPhone, but mistakes happen to everyone.

Check to see if audio is coming from your iPhone’s speakers or your AirPods by playing a song or a video. They are unrelated if the latter is the source.

Alternatively, you can have another device plugged into your handset in place of your earbuds. Checking this is as follows:

  • Navigate to Settings and select Bluetooth settings.

A list of everything that is currently linked will be displayed.

  • Here’s how to unplug all Bluetooth gadgets:
  • To access the Control Center, swipe down. To turn off Bluetooth, tap its icon.How Do You Fix AirPods Connected But No Sound?

An alternative is to:

  • Select Settings > Bluetooth
  • Turn it off (green to grey)

Method 7: Reset network settings

Possible causes of the audio problem include connectivity problems. If there is a network issue, this occurs frequently. Resetting the network settings on your iPhone ought to be helpful.

On iOS 14, use these instructions:

On iOS 15, select Settings > General > Reset, then select Reset Network Settings.

  • Click Reset Network Settings after opening Settings > General > Transfer to Reset iPhone.
  • Just a heads up: You will lose saved Bluetooth pairings, WiFi passwords, and VPN settings once you change network settings.
  • After that, your mobile device will reset. If the sound is still not working, try reconnecting the earbuds to the device.

Method 8: Disable the Automatic Ear Detection feature

Although I personally haven’t had success with this troubleshooting approach, many Apple users have mentioned that automated ear identification is the cause of sound issues with AirPods. If the other fixes don’t work, it won’t harm to try turning it off.

What you should do is:

Go to Settings, Bluetooth, and AirPods, and turn off the automated ear detection feature.

Method 9: Disable Audio Balance

The wrong audio balance may lead each AirPod to play audio at two different volumes, even though it won’t result in no audio being played at all. As a result, the sound output may be significantly softer than you prefer.

Fortunately, fixing this is not too difficult:

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility, select Audio/Visual
  • Then select Left or Right Balance.
  • Adjust the scale such that L and R are equal.

Method 10: Remove the music volume limit

If you are unhappy with how low your iPhone’s maximum volume output is, you could believe there is something wrong with your AirPods or your device. It will be easier to reduce its maximum sound volume.

But disable the loudest volume at your own peril. To prevent you from playing music too loudly and damaging your ears, a volume cap was put in place.

However, this is what you ought to do:

Open the Settings application, select Music, and then click Turn volume off.


  • Turn off Reduce Loud Sounds under Settings > Sounds and Haptics > Headphone Safety

Method 11: Factory Reset

You’ll need to perform a factory reset if a glitch or bug is the problem and updating the firmware or forcing a restart of your device doesn’t fix it.

Although a factory reset may be beneficial, all of your personal files will be lost. Back them up in advance:

  • Tap iCloud > iCloud Backup, then tap Backup Now after opening Settings > Your [Profile Name].
  • This is how to perform a factory reset:
  • Go to Settings > General, select Reset, and then select Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Confirm

After that, your Apple device will reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are my responses to some frequently asked questions.

Why Is There No Sound When My AirPods Are Connected?

There are several causes for this:

  • There might be a problem right now. Attempt to force your iPhone to restart or reset your Airpods.
  • It might include a bug. Update the phone to which your Airpods are connected to get rid of it.
  • You might be experiencing a network issue. It should be resolved by resetting the network settings.
  • The interior may be filled with dirt and earwax. Clean your earbuds with a microfiber cloth to get rid of them.
  • Even while you may believe your AirPods are plugged into your phone, this may not truly be the case. Check to see if your iPhone is producing sounds instead of earbuds.
  • Your mobile device may alternatively be connected to another pair of Bluetooth headphones or an external speaker. After turning off Bluetooth, try connecting your AirPods to your device once more.
  • Automatic ear detection may result in sound problems. Try turning it off.

My AirPods are plugged in, but the speakers are producing sound instead

Open the Control Center with a downward swipe to see if Bluetooth is turned on. If it’s deactivated, your AirPods won’t be able to connect at all.

The earbuds won’t be able to connect even if Bluetooth is enabled if you haven’t paired them with your iPhone. If they’re brand-new, nobody would hold it against you if you forgot to do this.

Here’s what you can do to solve it:

  • Open the Home screen and put your AirPods next to your iPhone while the charging case is open.
  • On your iPhone’s screen, you’ll see a setup animation. Tap Connect.

Final Thoughts

Although the AirPods problem may appear serious, it is not. It’s most likely a glitch or issue, and you’re dealing with it as a result. With a force restart or iOS update, you can remove it.

If you haven’t linked the earphones to your phone, that could also be the cause of the issue. I’ve talked about how to combine the two.

The troubleshooting techniques mentioned above will assist you in resolving issues with not only the iPhone but also all other Apple products, including the Apple Watch.


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