Best FilmRise Alternatives
Best FilmRise Alternatives

What is FilmRise?

FilmRise offers FREE limitless immediate streaming of popular movies and TV series. Please choose from our huge selection of Movies and TV shows across all genres, all of which are free and require no membership.

Watch popular TV programs such as Forensic Files, Women Behind Bars, and Urban Legends. The Big Comfy Couch, which won an Emmy for PBS, Popular Mechanics for Kids from Discovery Kids, and Young Dracula from the BBC are all well-liked children’s programs.

FilmRise also has outstanding comedies, romances, dramas, horror movies, documentaries, award-winning foreign language movies, and independent movies, such as the action-packed thriller Red Scorpion. Instant access is provided to all films and TV series on FilmRise. No registration is required. FilmRise is the top Roku channel for free movies and TV shows, and it is accessible on any device supporting Roku.


  • Free access to full-length movies and TV shows
  • The app only features legal, high-definition content.
  • Use the recently played list to keep track of what you were watching. Quickly pick up where you left off.
  • Our editors carefully curated playlists. Every week, new lists and movies.
  • shows and movies of all genres, including drama, comedy, action, horror, and thrillers
  • Easy search function for finding what you want to watch quickly
  • No promises, contracts, credit cards, cable subscriptions, or registration. Ever.


  • Reliable One-Click Play
  • Subtitle assistance
  • No reloading
  • The majority of the time, HD videos in a format called 1080p
  • You can save videos to your watchlist that you wish to see later.
  • Functionality of Search


  • There is a finite quantity of content, and if you watch every movie and TV show it has, it will run out.
  • There are adverts shown a lot of the time.

10 Best FilmRise Alternatives

1. Tubi:


One of the most excellent FilmRise alternatives is tubi, which allows users to watch videos online without registering or subscribing. Thousands of free movies and TV shows are available for your entertainment. Like the other websites on our list that offer movies, Tubi accepts ads.

On the other hand, the Tubi app is accessible across all channels, including the Google Play Store, Roku Channel List, Apple App Store, and Amazon App Store. It features programming from prestigious studios including MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate, and many more.

2. Rainierland:


Nothing, according to Rainierland, surpasses its core competency in high-quality goods. The only purpose of this top FilmRise substitute website is to give you access to excellent, cost-free information. Thanks to our website, you may view your favorite movies in the best quality possible. On the internet, you can watch movies and TV series. The film schedule also includes both classics and recent releases. Therefore, picking your preferred movie on this website is simple. To find your favorite movie, you may also search the database or browse by genre.

The website provides a vast library of television show episodes from a variety of international series. The programs are additionally made accessible to the public as soon as they air on television. You won’t have any trouble keeping up with your favorite show. There is no independently streamable content on the website. On the other side, it provides links that provide immediate access to streams. As a result, when watching TV series or movies from a third-party source, you won’t have to bother with commercials or updates.

3. Sony Crackle:

Sony Crackle

You may watch many incredible films, TV shows, and original series on the Sony Crackle website. The popular free movie website Sony Crackle also has an app that can be downloaded and used on a variety of devices. It does, however, display advertisements because it is an ad-supported network. You shouldn’t let this stop you, especially if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The portal is geo-restricted for users outside the United States, like IMDB TV, Vudu, and other services. However, if you’re outside the US, you may unblock Crackle using a trustworthy VPN provider like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or Surfshark.

4. Vudu:


A video-on-demand (VOD) service called Vudu offers paid movie streaming as well as TV shows. The good news is that there are no intrusive commercials in its free edition, “Movies on Us.” The finest FilmRise substitute website is this one.

Additionally, it does not require an account to use and has a limitless selection of movies and TV episodes. The platform does not require a monthly subscription fee, and you are free to use the free plan or upgrade to a paid one at any time. Vudu is available as a desktop version for Microsoft Windows PCs and an app for Android and iOS.
The main drawback is that those outside the United States cannot access it. However, as Peacock TV mentioned above, you may use a VPN to mask your IP address and view Vudu from outside the US.

5. YouTube:

Genyoutube Download

You already know that YouTube is the finest FilmRise substitute site for watching videos, but did you also realize that it offers hundreds of no-cost films across various genres? There you have it, then. Although users can log in to YouTube with their Google accounts, they are not required to do so to watch free movie streaming; amazing. It contains a minimal quantity of adverts and attracts a lot of monthly visitors. Because our testers have recently seen an increase in the number of advertisements on YouTube, we decided to award it a 5 for ad announcement.

The fact that YouTube allows creators and uploaders to include three adverts in a 10-minute video is another intriguing aspect of the site. For example, if the station you are watching a movie or TV show on can make it so that you see as many as 40 commercials while watching a movie. The good news is that not every channel is as intrusive (at least for now). Additionally, the platform offers the useful feature of allowing you to bypass an advertisement after a five-second timeout.

6. PrimeWire:


Another well-known name in the world of free online alternatives to FilmRise is PrimeWire. The service had several names before settling on PrimeWire, including “LetMeWatchThis,” “1Channel,” and its present name.

When we visited the streaming service, we observed a lot of commercials, but the vast selection of TV shows and films makes it worthwhile. Because PrimeWire frequently changes its domain, it has several websites, including SolarMovie, Tubi Tv, Sony Crackle, and many others.

7. 123Movies:


A list of movie streaming services without 123Movies isn’t even a list. This well-known and seasoned movie website is one of the top FilmRise alternatives for watching online videos and movies. You can view the movies on this website in 1080p without being disturbed by commercials.

We appreciate how straightforward its homepage is, with just a search box and a list of accessible categories. Unfortunately, users may need to press the play button more than once after choosing their favorite movie; however, this is not always necessary.

8. StreamLord:


The greatest streaming website alternative to FilmRise is called StreamLord. Although the ad-free service offers free registration, it is unnecessary to use it because viewers can still see movies without registering.

If you use the Amazon-created Silk Browser, select “Stay Here” whenever you see an advertisement to stop those annoying commercials from showing up again. Users can download movies and add subtitles, making it even better for anyone who enjoys watching video content.

The site’s main selling point is prioritizing well-liked releases, excellent content, and only trusted streamers. All of this works to prevent you from ever experiencing choppy videos or broken links.

9. FMovies:


With millions of users, FMovies is another well-liked and well-known free option to FilmRise for streaming movies. The most recent TV shows and films are available in various video quality settings on the free movie streaming website. You will remain interested in it because of the interface’s charm. Although you will be intrigued and captivated for hours on end by the vast movie collections, there will be adverts right on the home page.

Among the many categories of VOD content available on the FMovies free movie streaming website are anime, country, most-watched, genre, and launched. Users who want to view movies and TV series can then be streamlined and filtered. The website also has numerous mirror sites; visiting them will always bring you to the leading site. In this article, we’ll talk about Fmovies’ rivals and alternatives.

10. Putlocker:


This fantastic service is the ideal alternative to FilmRise and enables users to watch their preferred movie with ease. You can type the movie’s title into the search box in the center of the webpage. Additionally, you can use the website to focus your search by choosing a movie based on its IMDB rating or genre. At the bottom of its landing page are various links to some of the greatest free streaming websites. One thing to keep in mind is that numerous individuals continue to query the legality and safety of Putlocker.

The finest free streaming sites aside from Putlocker—are no longer secure, so anxiety is alleviated. Therefore, we advise you to use any such website with an antivirus program activated and a VPN connection established. For any reason, you are free to offer alternatives in our tutorial here if you do not wish to use Putlocker.


You can select any of these top FilmRise alternatives. They all provide a sizable collection of top-notch films and TV shows. You can choose any website you like if you want to watch movies online.


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