Facebook is changing its group platform to allow managers to designate specific group members as “experts.” These experts will receive a special ‘Group Expert’ badge, similar to what admins and moderators have on Facebook groups, to distinguish them from other users. In addition to allowing admins to select subject matter experts from their groups, Facebook now allows them to search for experts who are not currently members but have expertise relevant to the group’s interests.

As a result of the upgrade, Facebook states that admins of “select” groups will now be able to select particular members as experts, who will receive the Group Expert badge next to their names in the group if they accept the new role. This will make it easier for group members to find useful articles and comments from certain individuals.
It is vital to understand that becoming a group expert does not provide you any additional features or influence over the group apart from the other members. Facebook, on the other hand, emphasises that group experts will be given “tools to seek and exchange expertise beyond standard posts and comments.” These will feature the ability to host real-time text-based question-and-answer sessions, establish live audio rooms, and ask questions for group members.

Group administrators will now be able to search for expertise outside of the participants in their groups. Facebook says it has begun testing the new feature by allowing people in the fitness and gaming industries to identify things they are knowledgeable about, such as yoga or a specific game. Group administrators will be able to find these people by searching for them on Facebook and inviting them to join as group experts.

Facebook is also implementing automatic invites, which will allow experts to invite their “recently engaged Page followers” to join groups where they’ve been added as group experts.

Facebook’s new move aims to make groups a better location for people with similar interests. The social networking platform already has over 70 million admins and moderators running active groups throughout the world. Many of these organisations have evolved into forums for the exchange of knowledge and skills, where subject matter experts can be of great assistance. The presence of specialists would also offer group administrators more time to address severe concerns such as misinformation and intolerance within their communities.


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