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In this post, I’ll show you how to fix the R programming language error ‘error in file(file, “rt”) : cannot open the connection’ It’s typical to encounter problems when working with R programming. Even a simple command could be missing a variable or value, causing the entire script to fail to work as expected. The R programming language isn’t difficult to learn, but it might throw an error code at you when you least expect it.

What is Error in File(file, “rt”) : Cannot Open The Connection?

This basic R file access error indicates that your code has failed. You’re utilizing a low-level function to open an Excel or R code file at a specific position.

R tries to access a data file but is unable to do so since none exists at the supplied location. The error code ‘cannot open the connection’ reflects this. Fortunately, with a nice script and a few essential commands, you’ll be able to restore normalcy to your R session. Also, read How To Fix Err_Empty_Response.

How To Fix Error In File(file, “rt”) : Cannot Open The Connection?

  • The error’s specifics may differ slightly depending on the R version or package you’re using.
  • The precise command used, as well as the missing value, can have an impact on the error, but in general, this R code indicates that the file cannot be found.
  • The current working directory and how you refer to it are most likely to blame for this problem.
  • Using the setwd() function, specify where the procedure’s working directory is.
  • Perhaps you’re attempting to use a default configuration in the local environment that is no longer valid.
  • In this instance, you must first appropriately set the working directory before specifying the actual file name in the R code.
  • It’s possible that your issue with relative R references is related to directories below or above the current working directory. Also, read How To Fix Error Code: m7111-5059.
  • Data file sufficiency is another probable cause. Use Windows to check your specific file handles to remedy the problem.
  • The right path where the csv file is kept must be specified. To do this, use the setwd function.


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