Error Code M7353-5101

Netflix is one of the most widely used video streaming apps, with millions of users relying on it to watch movies and TV series. However, if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’re likely to encounter error codes from time to time, which can obstruct your content’s streaming or even prevent it from playing.

Error Code M7353-5101 is which can show after the ‘Whoops, something went wrong’ notice. Also, read How To Fix Error Code: m7111-5059.

Why This Error Occurs?

If you’re watching Netflix on Windows 10, the most common cause of this error message is a browser extension that’s interfering with Netflix and preventing it from working properly.

It’s possible that you’re using an out-of-date browser or that you’re having problems with another extension or third-party add-on. The Netflix problem could be caused by your VPN or proxy, as well as your firewall or security software.

How To Fix Netflix Error Code M7353-5101?

Disable Extensions

Because certain extensions can prevent Netflix from working properly, it’s a good idea to disable those that aren’t necessary until you figure out what’s causing the problem. This form of interference can also be caused by third-party add-ons.

Perhaps you have a program running that requests that Netflix download videos or that violates Netflix’s privacy policies or access limitations.

Netflix makes use of cookies, therefore it’s possible that an add-on is restricting them. This is how you may disable Chrome’s add-ons.

  • Launch Chrome and type the following into the address bar: “Chrome:/extensions”
  • Deactivate each extension one at a time.
  • Another error named Netflix 1080p error is reported to be generated by a browser add-on, so if you encounter it, deactivate the extensions on your browser and then retry Netflix following the methods above. Also, read How To Fix If Nintendo Switch Wont Turn On.

Restart Your Computer and Clear Your Cookies

Once you’ve confirmed that you’re running the most recent version of your browser, try this first:

  • Restart your computer after shutting it down.
  • Delete all of your cookies.
  • Log into Netflix to see if the Error Code M7353-5101 has been resolved.

Use Different Browser

If you’ve disabled all extensions and add-ons and are still getting this problem, consider switching to a different browser to see if it solves the problem.

Try Firefox or Safari if you’ve been using Chrome. You can also remove your cookies and cache and try using the same browser again.

Disable Proxy

  • Press “Windows key + R” at the same time.
  • Enter the following text: “inetcpl.cpl“
  • Select LAN settings from the Connections tab.
  • The only box that should be checked is “Automatically Detect Settings.”
  • If this is the case, click “OK,” then restart the computer and try Netflix again.

Disable Antivirus

Antivirus software can sometimes interfere with Netflix. To determine if this fixes the problem, turn off your antivirus program or firewall and then restart the Netflix app. Also, read How To Fix Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device Error.

Last Words

Hopefully, one of the above options will resolve the Netflix Error Code M7353-5101 that some users have while trying to watch a movie or TV show through their browser on a Windows PC or a Mac.

If you’re still having problems after attempting the aforementioned options, you may need to contact Netflix Customer Support to see if they have any other suggestions.


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