When using Google Chrome, do you get the “Err_Network_Changed” error? Let’s look at what’s causing this mistake and how to resolve it. This problem can happen in Chrome on Windows 10 at times.

What is Err_Network_Changed?

The err_network_changed error indicates that a webpage is not loading because your browser or internet connection has changed. Chrome is unable to connect to the internet, resulting in an error message. Also, read How To Fix Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device Error.

What Causes This Error?

There are a variety of reasons why this issue occurs, so you may need to try a few different remedies before finding one that works. You will see one of the following error messages on your screen if this error occurs:

  • Unable to access the network
  • your connection was interrupted a network change was detected. err_network_changed

This unpleasant issue can affect any website, even large names like Google, YouTube, and Facebook.


There are several options to try, but before you do, uninstall any VPNs you’re using and establish a restore point in case something goes wrong. Also, read How To Fix If Nintendo Switch Wont Turn On.

How To Fix This Error

Restart Your Modem

A simple modem restart will sometimes fix the problem. It’s possible that certain technical issues on your network are interfering with your connection, in which case rebooting the modem could be a quick and simple cure.

Clear Chrome Browsing Data

  • To open the history, open Chrome and click “Ctrl + H.”
  • To clear everything, go to “Clear Browsing Data” and select “Beginning of Time.”
  • After that, click “Clear Browsing Data” to confirm it.
  • When Chrome is finished, close it and restart your computer.
  • Open Chrome after the restart to see if the ERR NETWORK CHANGED error has disappeared. Also, read How To Fix Twitch Error 2000.

Uncheck Proxy

  • Type “inetcpl.cpl” in the “Windows key + R” box.
  • In the “Connections” tab, go to “LAN Settings.”
  • Uncheck “Use a Proxy Server for the LAN,” and then check “Automatically Detect Settings.”
  • Click “OK,” then “Apply” before rebooting your computer.

Reinstall Network Adapter Drivers

  • Enter “indevmgmt.msc” by pressing the “Windows key + R” combination.
  • To find your network adapter, expand the “Network Adapters” area.
  • If prompted, right-click on the network adapter, uninstall it, then confirm by pressing “OK” or “Yes.”
  • Try reconnecting to the network after restarting the computer.
  • If you can’t, it’s because the driver software wasn’t installed correctly.
  • To obtain the driver, go to the manufacturer’s website. After installing the driver, restart your computer. Also, read How To Fix Steam Disk Write Error.

Disable the Internet

WiFi or internet port are the two most common ways to connect to the Internet on most PCs. First, see if your PC supports both, and if so, activate both. If the connection is switching between wired and wireless, this could be the source of the problem.

Disable the WiFi option on your laptop or remove the internet cord to solve the problem. Because the internet is now only connected through a single source, this assures a stable connection.

Clear Cache in Google Chrome

  • Start the Chrome web browser. Press Ctrl + H on a Windows computer, or Command + Y on a Mac. Alternatively, open the History tab by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Click the Clear browsing data option in the left panel of options.
  • This will bring up a popup asking you to select a time range. Choose between starting at the beginning of time and ending at the end of time.
  • Remember to check the boxes for Browsing History, Cookies and Other Site Data, and Cached Images and Files as well.
  • Select Clear data from the drop-down menu.
  • Close your browser, restart your computer, and try again.


Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

If none of these suggestions work for you, you should contact your ISP about the err_network_changed problem. They may be able to assist you by implementing backend improvements that will have a favorable influence on your network.


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