DuckDuckGo browser known for its privacy-focused search engine of the same name is working on a desktop browser that will try to keep you from being tracked when you’re on the web. In a blog post, Ceo Gabriel Weinberg gives us a look at what the new browser will look like and says that we can expect it to work the same way its mobile app does.

What is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is a search engine with privacy. It doesn’t show personalized search results, so it’s less likely to get caught in an information echo chamber. It doesn’t know who its users are based on how they search, and everyone gets the same search results.

Because this is meant to be used to find things on the web like Google or Bing, it has apps and extensions for all the major operating systems and browsers. This is a simple search engine that doesn’t have a lot of extra features. Instead, it focuses on its main goal, which is to give you a high-quality and private search experience.

This browser also doesn’t split its search results into multiple pages, which is a good thing. Instead, you have a single scroll that goes on and on. People who use Google don’t bother to look past the first page. Also, read full details about Moon Knight.

Is DuckDuckGo safe?

Think if a search engine that doesn’t track you or get your personal information from you. All the data traces you leave behind when you use it are gone right away, so you can browse safely and privately. Because of big tech and data farming, that sounds like a dream, right? But thanks to this search engine, a search engine that cares about privacy, you no longer have to use Google. As far as I know, it’s a search engine. How does this thing work? DuckDuckGo is also safe, but what about the search engine?

Is DuckDuckGo Search Engine safe to use?

This isn’t very safe, but it’s a lot more private than most other browsers. Its’s main selling point is that you can search without giving out your address. This means that this browser doesn’t keep track of you when you search. It doesn’t link what you search for online to your IP address like Google does. So you won’t have to deal with ads that are tailored to you.

Can you get a virus from DuckDuckGo browser?

This is a search engine that isn’t very dangerous. You can use it without putting your safety at risk. As with any other browser, This can get viruses, malware, and other threats from the internet. Whether you get infected is very much up to your sense of common sense and what you do on the web.

Is it better than Google?

Everything in the DuckDuckGo vs. Google debate comes down to what you want. You’ll have to give up some of the convenience that Google Search has, but you’ll have a safer, more private experience in return. It’s better if you care about your privacy if you use DuckDuckGo browser than Google.

Google is hard to avoid, and it’s likely that most of your accounts have already been linked to this company. This browser on the other hand, is a great way to cut back on how much you use it, and it’s good to support a service that makes search more transparent. Also, read about The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild.

DuckDuckGo App

How to get on an Android phone?

duckduckgo app

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Check out DuckDuckGo app.
  • Select DuckDuckGo privacy browser.
  • In order to install, you need to press Install then open this app.
  • It will ask if you want to set Google Chrome or DuckDuckGo search engine as your default browser app, and then you can choose which one. Select the one you want, then click Set As Default to make that one the default one.

How to get on iPhone?

duckduckgo download

  • The App Store is on the web. Click on it.
  • Go to DuckDuckGo app.
  • DuckDuckGo is a privacy browser.
  • Then, click Get.
  • It’s time to sign in to your Apple account. You can do this with Face ID or Touch ID. and then open this app.
  • It will ask if you want to make DuckDuckGo your main browser app. Whether you want to set it as the default or not, you can do that now or not.

Pros and Cons


  • The service has a lot of useful extras, like weather data, extra features for developers, visible social media bios, loan calculators, and more. Because of the privacy policy, you won’t have to deal with ads that are based on your information.
  • Privacy is the main selling point of the search engine. This search engine doesn’t keep track of your habits or search history. If it doesn’t, it can’t share your information with other people, leak it, or use your information for marketing.
  • You’ll get the same results no matter where you are in the world or what kind of group you belong to.


  • The market share of it isn’t the same as that of Google, so you can’t sync a lot of your accounts and services with it.
  • This could also be a good thing because these features are only available to Google because of how they track their users’ habits.
  • Because this is a search engine, it doesn’t have as many services as Google and other search engines.


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