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One of the most well-known social networking platforms on the internet is Reddit. It costs nothing at all to upload, vote for, and share images, writings, videos, and links. Reddit is easy to use on both internet and mobile devices. Both the desktop and mobile apps allow users to post videos to Reddit. This software is free, however there is no option to download videos. However, Reddit supports several outside Downloader programs that use the URL to download its movies. Numerous video downloader programs are available to download or store Reddit videos, regardless of the device.

How to Download Reddit Videos

  • Android devices support downloading Reddit videos.
  • Reddit videos can be saved on both Windows and Mac.
  • It can be saved using the RVDL bot.
  • Videos can be saved using extensions.

Download Videos on Android

  • Use the Google Play Store app to look for All Video Downloaders.
  • Download and launch the All Video Downloader software on your Android device.
  • Next, launch the Reddit app and make sure your Reddit account is linked to it.
  • Download the video you wish to save in step four.
  • To share it, once you’ve located it, click the sharing icon to the right of the video.
  • Choose the Copy to Clipboard option from the dialogue. The link to your Reddit video has been copied.
  • After that, open the All Video Downloader software.
  • Enter the URL you copied into the search field of the app.
  • Play the video after tapping the Continue button to the right of Chrome.
  • Click the Download button after that.
  • After selecting the video format and quality, click Download to begin the download.

Download Videos On Windows / Mac PC

  • Open any online browser on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Enter in the address bar to visit the website.
  • Log in with your Reddit account and password.
  • Save the video that you want to.
  • Choose the “share” option from the video’s bottom menu.
  • The Share option should be changed to Copy Link.
  • Then open a new tab in your browser and navigate to
  • Insert the copied link into the relevant window, then choose Download.
  • RVDL will display a variety of video quality options for that video file.
  • The video will start downloading to your computer as soon as you choose the quality setting.
  • If you just want to download the audio file, use the Download Audio option.

Download Videos Using RVDL Bot

  • Open a web browser and navigate to the Reddit post where you wish to save the video.
  • Utilize Reddit Video Downloader to download videos from Reddit. Enter “u/rip-video” in the comments section.
  • In the Notifications area, tap the fresh notification you just got.
  • To access the download page, select the option to View Link Here.
  • Select the video quality you want, then save it to your device.


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