How to Download Music from YouTube to Computer


Almost all types of films and audio, including music, how-to videos, Vlogs, and more, may be found on YouTube. Sometimes you’re less interested in the visuals of a video and more in the sounds. You’ll need to learn how to download audio from YouTube at that point. This article will teach you how to download audio from YouTube, Mac, and Windows if you use an Apple device. Additionally, it emphasizes the benefits of using Parallels Toolbox when downloading audio files from YouTube.

The largest music content platform in the world is YouTube. So that music lovers can quickly enjoy the most recent, top-notch music videos, YouTubers routinely update and push the newest music. However, it would be best if you permanently established a network connection to listen to music on YouTube. As a result, many people wish to download their favorite music on their computers for offline listening or storage. However, you are aware that downloading is not an option on YouTube. Fortunately, a third-party YouTube downloader still allows you to keep the music. The following post will share a secure YouTube music downloader with you and walk you through the straightforward process of downloading music to your computer.

Key Features:

  • The fast download of any music from YouTube is supported.
  • Excellent downloads.
  • It includes MP3 among the various audio formats it supports.
  • You can download songs from any online service you like.
  • It comes with a built-in editor.
  • It works on both Windows and Mac.

Making MP3s from 4K YouTube Downloader:

Free software called 4K YouTube to MP3 Downloader is designed exclusively to extract audio from websites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Flickr. It enables uninterrupted downloading and saving in some formats, such as MP3, M4A, and OGG. We can download and store an entire playlist to our computer using a 4K YouTube to MP3 downloader.

To download music, follow the below-given steps:

  •  Download 4K YouTube to MP3 Downloader from its official website onto your computer’s Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system.
  • Open YouTube on your computer after the setup has been installed correctly.
  •  Look for the playlist or music video you wish to download to your computer.

Free YouTube audio Download on Windows:

  • You’ll frequently need to go online to obtain YouTube audio for Windows. There are several websites you can utilize. However, is a great free option. Below is a list of steps for downloading audio from YouTube videos.
  • Open the desired audio-only video on YouTube by visiting the website. Get the URL for the video.
  • Visit now. Click the Search button after pasting the URL into the text field. This opens a new window with a list of audio file formats.
  • Select the format of your choice, then click the Download button.
  • A pop-up asking you to download the file will appear on the screen after the search is finished. To download the file to your PC, click the Download Now option.

How to Online Download Music to Computer from YouTube?

Download Music

This online utility has been a well-liked place to store any audio file from YouTube and YouTube Music for many years. The best part is that downloading your music file doesn’t require installing additional plug-ins or programs. A novice won’t have trouble using the process because it is straightforward. In addition to YouTube, it also asserts to be able to save videos from numerous other video-streaming websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, and others. But keep in mind that HitPaw Video is more beneficial.

Copy and paste the software’s music’s URL:

Copy and paste

Copy the URL from the music video player page on YouTube. Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and click “New Download” in the top left corner of the “Downloader” section. A new window will open to allow downloading—ctrl + V the URL into the URL-marked box.

Determine the audio format and analyze the music:

Determine the audio format

Click the “Analyze” button as marked. The program’s analysis of the music won’t take too long. Then, behind the “Download Audio” plate, a list of compatible download formats will appear. Selecting M4A as the downloaded format, for instance, then pressing “OK” will take you back to the “Downloader” interface.

Streaming music from YouTube on a computer:

Streaming music from YouTube

Click the triangle icon to modify the directory for easy checking at the bottom of the window. Finally, to start downloading, select “Download All.” Suppose the audio format you want isn’t available among the download options. In that case, you can download the audio in a different format and then use the Converter module to change the file’s audio format.

Can music from YouTube be downloaded to a laptop?

YouTube be downloaded to a laptop

Download it from the YouTube Music website and install it there. You don’t need to use Chrome or another browser to launch it as a standalone desktop application. It’s relatively simple. To find out what you must do, continue reading below.

Downloading music from YouTube is legal?

Downloading music from YouTube is legal

Similar to downloading videos, downloading audio content is prohibited by YouTube’s Terms of Service(opens in new tab) unless it is “specifically permitted by the Service” or you have prior written consent from YouTube or the relevant rights holder. The YouTube Music app for Android and iOS allows you to download and play songs and playlists without advertisements, but only if you pay $9.99 monthly for YouTube Music Premium(opens in a new tab). This feature is not available in the free version of the service or on the YouTube Music website to combat copyright violations and piracy. YouTube offers a lot of royalty-an, although it has millions of songs by every artist you can imagine, most of which were uploaded by users rather than record labels.


A tonne of information is available online that explains how to download YouTube audio. This makes finding the appropriate application and downloading the audio file complicated. Finding a program that provides a simple way to download YouTube audio files would be ideal. A multi-platform tool with more than 30 capabilities, Parallel Toolbox enables you to perform computer tasks quickly and easily.


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