Discord Text Formatting Commands

One of the best locations for the gaming community to interact is Discord. On Discord, voice and text channels are available for use by gamers all around the world to communicate. Although it is considerably simpler to communicate with hundreds of people via SMS, most players prefer text channels. And if you want your text to stand out in text channels, Discord text formatting is really beneficial.

The VoIP platform allowed users to express themselves creatively in their texts through the Discord Markdown language. It’s not easy to comprehend Discord’s text formatting, though. For this reason, we will go over all of the Discord text commands with you. So go ahead and read the entire essay if you want to master the Discord Strikethrough command, among other things.

What is Markdown for Discord?

Discord employs Markdown, a language for structuring text in readme files, forums, and basic text editors. The program uses this language since it is portable and runs in the background. It controls all text formatting options on Discord, including bold, italic, strikethrough, underlining, and more.

Discord Text Formatting Commands
Strikethrough ~~Your Text~~
Bold **Your Text**
Italics *Your Text* or _Your Text_
Bold Italics ***Your Text***
Underlined __Your Text__
Underline bold __**Your Text**__
Underline italics __*Your Text*__
Underline bold italics __***Your Text***__
Spoiler Tag ||Your Text||
Empty Lines Shift+Enter
Single Line Code Block `Your Text`
Multiple Line Code Blocks “`Your Text“`
Single Line Quote > Your Text
Multiple lines Line Quote >>> Your Text

Text Formatting in Discord

In the Discord discussion, users can strikethrough text by using the Discord Text formatting feature. Through the appropriate Discord commands, they can also alter the font’s color and add bold and italic text. In essence, they can use the Discord Markdown language, which employs symbols to fiddle with Discord fonts, to make their content fancy.

So jump in if you’re one of those individuals that want to master various Discord text formats.

1. Discord Strikethrough: How Do I Strike Through Text On Discord?Discord Strikethrough

Most users are unaware they can add a line over their text with the Discord Strikethrough command. You could use this Discord text formatting to draw attention to a typo or for any other purpose.

Simply place two tildes (“”) in front and back of your text to use Discord Strikethrough formatting.

Strikethrough Text Discord Command

~~Your Text~~

2. Bold Text In The Discord ChatBold Text In The Discord Chat

The best approach to draw attention to a certain section of your message in Discord is to make it bold. You must use the asterisk (*) symbol in the Discord text command to use bold text.

Discord’s Bold Text Command


3. Discord Text in ItalicsDiscord Text Formatting/Commands

Bold Discord Text formatting is only an option to Discord text in italics. You must include one asterisk (*) symbol in both the front and back of the text in order to use italics on Discord. Additionally, you may place an underscore (_) before and after the necessary content.

Discord’s Italic Text Command

*YourText* or _YourText_

4. Underlined TextUnderlined Text

It can sometimes be essential to highlight specific text passages to make them stand out. You can underline text in your chat using various Discord text commands.

Discord requires two underscores (_) before and after the relevant text in order to highlight it.

Command For Underlined Text In Discord

__Your Text__

5. Spoiler Tag

Perhaps you are writing a message in a Discord discussion where you are forced to reveal a movie’s finale. That may be helpful to certain people. However, people who haven’t seen the movie might be angry with you for delivering a spoiler.Spoiler Tag

The Spoiler tag in the message might then be enabled using one of the Discord text formatting instructions. The actual spoiler in the message is kept hidden by this Discord Text style unless the recipient deliberately clicks on it.

Include two vertical bars (|) in front and back of the message to utilize the Discord Spoiler tag.

Command For Spoiler Tag In Discord

Spoiler Alert: ||Your Text||

6. Blank Lines

You can’t press Enter in Discord to move to the next line while you’re composing the message. You will then send the prewritten portion of the message by doing so. People who just want to include line breaks in their communications may find this unpleasant.

Well, there is a fix, so don’t be alarmed. Shift+Enter key combination in Discord Text formatting enables users to add empty lines to their communications.

7. Code Blocks for Discord

Discord Code Blocks allow you to highlight a certain section of your text by enclosing it inside a block. Discord code blocks can be used for both single lines and numerous lines.

Block of one line of code

Place a single grave accent (‘) character before and after the text if you want to use Code Blocks for a single line.Discord Text Formatting/Commands

Command For Single Line Code Block In Discord

`Your Text`

Use three grave accents (‘) instead of one to place Code Blocks over multiple lines. Remember to use the Shift+Enter key combination to insert line breaks as well.

Command For Multiple Line Code Block In Discord

```Your Text```

8. Discord Text Quote

Using the Markdown language, you can use Block Quotes to quote someone in Discord.

Put > or >>> at the start of the text, followed by a space, to use block quotes. If you want to utilize Block Quotes for many lines, use three (>) symbols rather than one (>) symbol.

Discord Order (Single Line Quote)

> Your Text

Discord Order (Multiple Lines Quote)

>>> Your Text

Can Different Discord Text Formatting Styles Be Merged?

The short answer is YES; you can totally combine several Discord text formatting commands to give your message a more slick appearance. Here are two illustrations:

1. Discord Bold Text And Strikethrough

For the same phrase, for instance, you can use the Discord commands for strikethrough and bold text. Put two tildes () and two asterisks (*) at the start of the text and the same symbols again at the end. The fonts used in Discord are bold and have a line above them, as you can see.Discord Text Formatting/Commands

Discord Order

2. Text With Conflicting Italics And Underlines

Use one asterisk (*) and two underscores (_) before and after the text if you need to mix italicized and underlined formatting in Discord.Discord Text Formatting/Commands

Text Italics and Underlining in Discord

*__Your Text__*

Discord Text Formatting Techniques: Concluding Remarks

If you are reading, you must have read through all of the Discord commands included in this post. We’re hoping that this guide will make it a lot simpler for you to format text in Discord.

We’ll update the post as soon as Discord Markdown enables a new formatting scheme. Make a note of this tutorial in your bookmarks right away if you don’t want to miss anything new.


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