Best Cricbuzz Alternatives
Best Cricbuzz Alternatives

What is Cricbuzz?

Cricbuzz is one of the world’s most prominent cricket platforms. Although it began as a website, it was always built with a mobile experience in mind, and that is where it truly gained traction. Although the first goal of this was to give live scores via a lightweight and resource-conserving application, it has recently begun to delve much deeper into the production of video content and has several former cricketers on staff.

The popularity of this has increased, and it is now ranked higher on Google. We don’t believe it creates more valuable information, offers higher-quality articles, or even performs live commentary more skillfully.

It does a decent job, but the website is still considerably faster and the mobile app is much easier to use.

Its widespread acceptance among individuals appears to be mostly driven by this. The top cricket commentator in the nation, Harsha Bhogle, is now the face of Cricbuzz, and this has brought in a tonne of new viewers.


  • articles and live coverage of international cricket matches. The website offers videos.
  • textual analysis
  • player stats
  • group standings


  • provide details on a variety of leagues
  • Exceptional match map views
  • Scores and live audio commentary
  • high-resolution pictures
  • accurate team rankings and player profiles


  • You need to have a solid Internet connection with your device.
  • The increasing percentage may be higher.
  • In comparison to the workload and schedule, pay increases are quite modest.

11 Best Cricbuzz Alternatives

1. Cricout:


All cricket enthusiasts and fans across the world may enjoy their most probable match updates immediately on their mobile devices in real-time and live with the Cricout application. The Cricout Cricket Scores and News app, which eMumba Private Limited Inc. purchased on the market, allows you to follow cricket in a way that has never been possible before by bringing live scores, live friends, and live commentary, and live experts. It is a beautifully designed app for cricket enthusiasts that seamlessly combines live expert analysis, ball-by-ball commentary, social interaction with friends and cricket experts, and your daily dose of cricket news delivered in a tailored feed. You can watch the interactive ball-by-ball commentary to express your thoughts and feelings to all of your friends.

You may create a personal photo album of all your favorite cricket experiences with the help of the love pic sharing feature on Cricout Cricket Scores and News. It gives you the freedom to share your views and opinions how you like with your cricket-loving pals by allowing you to invite them to this app. Therefore, download the Cricout Cricket Scores and News app right away to start using the most customizable cricket app.

2. ESPNCricinfo:


For all cricket fans, ESPNCricinfo is a well-known destination where they can enjoy everything related to their specific or favorite game. ESPN Inc. has created a fantastic service called ESPN Cricinfo – Live Cricket Scores, News, and Videos that enables its customers to enjoy all aspects of cricket on a single platform. The ESPN Cric Info app is a precise hub for obtaining real-time updates, results, news, alerts, analysis, videos, and a variety of other things. It also allows you to stay informed as events unfold. To obtain all the news, notifications, alerts, scores, and other information of your favorite team prioritized for you, you may carefully customize your app.

The PSL, CPL, BPL, IPL, and the entire world of cricket are all covered globally by ESPNCricinfo – Live Cricket Scores, News, and Videos. In addition to these competitions, it enables you to receive updates on the Ranji Trophy, Sheffield Shield, and numerous more domestic cricket leagues. It provides articles from the top cricket writers in the industry analysis and gives you their knowledgeable opinions on every cricket situation. Download the ESPNCricinfo – Live Cricket Scores, News, and Videos app now to enjoy a customized cricket experience where you can have practically all the information about your favorite game in the palm of your hand and never miss any updates from your favorite superstars.

3. Willow:


Willow is a well-developed and user-friendly app that provides all the information you require about your favorite cricket matches. A fantastic application created by Willow TV International Inc., Willow: HD Live Cricket and Highlights, enables users to watch cricket online via their mobile devices whenever they want, everywhere they can’t access TV. Whether it’s a T20, ODI, or even an entire test match, Willow-Watch Live Cricket offers live streaming of all cricket events and formats. This software assists with explosive highlights and replays so that all cricket fans can continue to enjoy the game even after it has ended.

You can watch cricket live on HD Live Cricket and Highlights, and you can even get interactive commentary and a scoreboard to keep up with what’s going on in the stadium. In addition to these features, Willow – Watch Live Cricket also offers live cricket fixtures, the option to hide results or scores, reminders for live events, live streaming on Chromecast, precise content for all of the matches, and the ability to share your favorite activities across your preferred social media platforms. Simply download the Willow: HD Live Cricket and Highlights app to start watching live sports wherever you are.

4. Cricket Line Guru:

Cricket Line Guru

A sophisticated tool, Cricket Line Guru gives users access to the best live cricket news and updates for all cricket fans living wherever in the world. Cricket Line Guru is a fast live line app that Jaiw Inc. purchased from the market, allowing its users to follow their game while on the go and receive all the latest cricket news and updates. You may check the scoreboard of live matches as well as receive faster and more accurate live ball-by-ball updates for all live cricket events. It offers exclusive coverage of all international cricket matches as well as the top cricket leagues, allowing you to watch your favorite matches live and in real-time like never before.

Cricket Line Guru: Fast Live Line offers a variety of information, including alerts and notifications, rankings, statistics, and videos of live cricket matches. It also offers a live cricket stream and a live match line. The Pakistan Super League, Indian Premier Leagues, Bangladesh Premier Leagues, Big Bash Leagues, Asia Cup, and World Cup are all exclusively covered by this app. To experience everything about cricket anytime you want and wherever you go, simply download the Cricket Line Guru: Fast Live Line app.

5. Cricingif:


By allowing you to keep track of all the domestic and international teams’ most likely matches, Cricingif puts cricket at your fingertips. The popular app Cricingif: Cricket at your Fingertips was created by Cricingif Inc. and allows you to follow all the action this season with unique live cricket ball-by-ball coverage and take in events in real-time. This year’s PSL (Pakistan Super League) has an official global highlights and clips partner app called Cricingif – PSL Live Score that allows all of its fans access everything right in their hands.

It gives you the most interesting and thorough coverage of all international cricket worldwide and makes it possible for cricket fans to follow their preferred teams and matches in a way that has never been possible. With coverage of the top international teams, including Pakistan, South Africa, England, Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Afghanistan, and India, Cricingif: Cricket at your Fingertips covers every continent. You may view the live score as well as the best match clips and highlights of your favorite matches on Cricingif – PSL 2019 Live Score. Simply download the Cricingif: Cricket at your Fingertips app to your smartphones to enjoy all the game has to offer while on the go.

6. Live Cricket Matches:

Live Cricket Matches

Thousands of cricket fans across the world enjoy watching Live Cricket Matches, which provides exclusive quality updates of all your favorite cricket matches. PACE Private Limited’s Live Cricket Matches is a fantastic tool for cricket fans that enables users to access unique coverage of all the prestigious National or International level matches of all your favorite teams. You can take pleasure in viewing game recaps and in-depth cricket news from reputable sources and getting the real-time score for each cricket international match.

It offers numerous high, medium, and low quality streams and live scores for all cricket international matches. You may access the content of Live Cricket Matches whenever you like and can see the highlights of the games that are now being played. The matches for all of your most likely teams are covered by this app, including those for Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Australia, England, India, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Scotland, West Indies, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Namibia, and the Netherlands.

There is no downtime, unlike other apps available in the market because Live Cricket Matches uses swift and succinct streaming servers to accommodate the number of users. Therefore, download the Live Cricket Matches app to your smartphone and enjoy a truly outstanding cricket streaming app.

7. CricHeroes:


CricHeroes is a fantastic program that allows all enthusiastic cricket players and cricket fans to enjoy the game in a completely new way. Thanks to this excellent feature, they may enjoy a live score of all of their local cricket matches and surrounding competitions. With the help of this app, the local cricket players and supporters may thoroughly enjoy every second of Gali Cricket. You can use it to obtain an accurate scoreboard for all of their home games. It permits every local supporter to take pleasure in things in their method.

With the CricHeroes app, you can do a lot of things like score a game, add your teams, search for players, schedule games with nearby teams, find tournaments in their region, analyze your scores, share your accomplishments, and much more. This software makes it simple to monitor nearby cricket matches, rank as a top bowler or batsman on the leaderboard, and be hailed as a HERO for the game you just played. So simply download this cricket video game from the app store to enjoy your local cricket to the fullest.

8. SofaScore Live Sports Results:

SofaScore Live Sports Results

A sophisticated program called SofaScore Live Sports Results allows its users access to a stylish widget that provides live coverage of fixtures, results, standings, and everything related to your favorite cricket events. SofaScore Live Sports Results is a stunning product that SofaScore Inc. just released on the market that allows its users throughout the world to easily get unique coverage on all the contests and leagues in more than 22 sports. Basketball, Motorsport (Superbike, Nascar, Formula 2018, Live Timing, MotoGP, Rally, and DTM, among other sports), Baseball, Rugby, American Football, Aussie Rules, Snooker, Bandy, Table tennis, and many other sports have scores, news, and statistics available for you to access. Additionally, SofaScore Live Sports Results offers succinct information on a variety of sports, including floorball, beach volleyball, water polo, darts, tennis, cricket, handball, and volleyball.

In addition to these, the SofaScore Live Sports Results app offers in-depth coverage for all US competitions, including the MLS, NBA, College Football, MLB, AHL, NHL North American League, US Open Cup, and numerous others. Give SofaScore Live Sports Results a try now and put live coverage of all the aforementioned sports in your pocket.

9. ECB Cricket:

ECB Cricket

With ECB Cricket, you can take all of the latest information about your favorite teams and cricket matches, including news, images, and videos, with you wherever you go. Other Media Inc. purchased the ECB Cricket app from the market, giving its users access to information about live cricket matches right in the palm of their hands. It enables you to watch all domestic and international matches so that you never miss your preferred Test and ODI matches or other international matchups. The ECB Cricket app also continuously provides stats, scores, and news about domestic matches taking place in your nation.

Users can customize the schedule to receive the results from the tournaments and games they are most interested in following. You can accurately obtain the live scores for cricket matches in all forms, including ODI, TEST, and T20. In addition to these features, the ECB Cricket app also offers detailed information on bowling and batting, the ability to rotate the app horizontally, extreme level personalization, photo galleries, podcast feeds, push notifications, and player profiles for the entire team or specific players, and various other things. Simply download the ECB Cricket mobile app to start watching cricket matches.

10. CricLine:


With a hectic schedule, CricLine provides all the information you could need on your favorite cricket matches. Live Cricket Line Inc.’s CricLine – Live Cricket Match Scores is a fantastic tool that allows its customers to access the live scores of all their favorite regional and international matches whenever they want. In addition to providing accurate coverage of every international cricket match, it also features the Big Bash League, Indian Premier League, Bangladesh Premier League, and many other renowned leagues.

Millions of users adore CricLine – Live Cricket Match Scores because they can easily stay up to speed on cricket matches taking place all over the world. It provides the final score, overs, batting or bowling statistics, player profiles for bowlers and batsmen, sessions, market rate, and the user-rated favorite side for all live international or league matches. With this comprehensive app, you may watch cricket quicker than with any other third-party streamer and you can get the cricket line for nothing. Therefore, if you want to enjoy scores and statistics about live cricket matches when you are away from the comfort of watching cricket live, then download the CricLine – Live Cricket Match Scores app.

11. Fanatix cricket:

Fanatix cricket

One of the most popular new apps for sports fans, particularly cricket aficionados, is called Fanatix cricket. Rocket Sports Network Inc. released the ESPN Cricinfo app Fanatix Cricket to the market, giving users across the world a chance to interact with other cricket fans and friends while keeping up with the latest players, stories, and games. This app offers unmatched live cricket commentary in addition to news, videos, blogs, photos, and social media posts from all the major players, websites, and teams across the globe.

You can talk about the games being played between your favorite team in private group chats called Huddles using Fanatix cricket and ESPN Cricinfo. You can join publicly hosted private group chats (Huddle) to talk to other fans during a live game on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or ESPNCricinfo. Additionally, it gives you the option to personalize your cricket experience by building a stream that features the most recent news and opinions from the opinion leaders you follow. Simply download the Fanatix cricket – ESPN Cricinfo app to take advantage of this social media hub for news, scores, conversations, updates, and other cricket-related information.


We hope the list of cricbuzz alternatives above helped you choose the perfect website and platform for staying up to date. Most websites are trustworthy and provide free services. Thanks to the list provided above, you no longer need to visit illegal websites to gather information if you previously did so.


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