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How To Determine If Someone Has Blocked You On Facebook: Social networking is an excellent tool for establishing connections and meeting new people. You or another user may be “blocked” by another user on occasion. This feature may be utilized for any purpose by anyone.

How to determine if someone has blocked you on Facebook

Facebook does not disclose who has blocked you in order to protect the privacy of its users and the feelings of others. There is no list of users who have blocked your account, nor are you notified when blocked.

You may be curious about how to determine whether you have been blocked. This article demonstrates several ways to determine if you have been blocked on Facebook.

What distinguishes Blocked from Unfriended?

You must first recognize that being blocked and being unfriended are two distinctly distinct actions. Even after a user unfriends you, you can still view their profile, comments on shared pages, and any publicly accessible information they share. You could even send them another friend request.

If someone blocks your account, you cannot view their profile or any of their interactions, updates, or comments. Additionally, there is no way to contact them.

If someone blocks you on Facebook, they essentially vanish. Therefore, if you can still view them on the site but they are no longer on your Friends list, you were not blocked; they were simply removed from your Friends list.

How to Determine if Someone Has Blocked You on Facebook

Unfortunately, it may be difficult to distinguish between a blocked and a deactivated account. They no longer exist on Facebook, you cannot contact them, and you cannot view their previous comments or likes, which are similarities between them.

Even though Facebook will not tell you if you have been blocked, if the other person has deleted their account, or if their account has been banned, there are a few things you can do. Let’s start immediately.

You were blocked, correct?

Visit their Facebook profile to verify.

If a friend has disappeared from your Timeline or Friends list, you should use Facebook’s user search to locate their profile. This method is not foolproof, but you can verify that you were not unfriended if you believe you were blocked after a recent argument or debate. Follow these steps to achieve this:

  1. Go to the top of the page to the “search bar” on Facebook.How to tell if someone on Facebook has blocked you
  2. Type the name of the desired profile into the search box.How to tell if someone on Facebook has blocked you

If you search for the correct name and the profile does not appear, the individual may have blocked your account.

Examine Your Facebook Comments and Posts to Determine Whether You’ve Been Blocked

You can still view their wall activity if you recently lost a friend. Do they occasionally post on your wall? Do they ever comment on your blog posts? What about articles written by mutual friends? You can check for specific postings quickly by following these steps:

  1. To access “Settings and Privacy,” click the arrow in the upper-right corner.
  2. Selecting “Activity Log”How to tell if someone on Facebook has blocked you
  3. Select “People” from the list of filters within “Activity Log.”How to tell if someone on Facebook has blocked you
  4. Perform a name search for the individual you are seeking.How to tell if someone on Facebook has blocked you

Their posts and comments will not be removed from your page. However, their name will appear in bold black text rather than as a link, indicating that you have been blocked.

Messenger allows you to determine if someone has blocked you on Facebook.

  1. Facebook Messenger enables users to determine whether or not they have been blocked on Facebook. There are two ways to determine if you have been blocked on Messenger.How to tell if someone on Facebook has blocked you
  2. Enter the individual’s name into Messenger’s search bar to locate them.How to tell if someone on Facebook has blocked you
  3. The absence of the user from the list is a key indicator that you have been blocked.How to tell if someone on Facebook has blocked you

Recruit A Friend’s Assistance to Determine if You Are Blocked on Facebook

Request access to a friend or family member’s Facebook profile. The most efficient way to complete this procedure is through an impartial third party they are unlikely to oppose. If the website loads, the user’s profile remains active.

Ultimately, the user has blocked you if you cannot view their profile, but another user can.

After you unblock someone on Facebook, they must wait 48 hours before they can message you, become your friend again, or view your profile.

How to communicate with a Facebook obstructor

Occasionally, a Facebook user will block you for a particular reason and may not wish to disclose it. This is acceptable because it indicates that they had valid justifications. However, if they blocked you unintentionally or unblocked you months or years ago, they are likely to respond to your message.

Create New Facebook Account

To contact the other user, you may create a new Facebook page. If they reject your friend request, your messages will be redirected to the Message Request folder.

If you were inadvertently blocked, you can take the following steps to be unblocked:

  1. Create a new Facebook account with unique login details, such as a new email address, username, etc.
  2. Determine the individual who may have accidentally blocked you.
  3. Use Messenger to send them a message requesting their response. Try to be courteous and refrain from pressuring them to respond.

Consider that the actions above may irritate the user who blocked you to the point where they decide to report you, resulting in the warnings outlined in the following section. Why? The other user recognizes your identity. They can quickly report you to Facebook, which will link to your account.

The preceding steps violate Facebook’s Terms of Service. Use them at your own risk (one personal account per user). Possible consequences include banning or deleting your primary Facebook account, being placed on a blacklist based on personally identifying information, being prevented from posting or leaving comments for up to 30 days, etc.

Send Messages Using the Facebook Account of a Friend

Alternately, you can send a message to the recipient using a different Facebook account, though this approach may not always be successful. You will come across as aggressive or desperate if you do this in an effort to discover why they blocked you. There is also a possibility that the user will block the “sender’s” account. In addition, it can aggravate the person who stopped you and lead to more severe consequences.

Log out of Facebook before conducting a guest search for the user.

This section was added solely to indicate how unlikely you will find the desired information is. In addition, only mobile phones can utilize this method.

After you log out of Facebook, you cannot be identified. You can quickly search the social media behemoth to find the person who blocked you. You may still view a brief glimpse of their profile, although information is obviously restricted based on their “Public” privacy settings. This mission aims to obtain contact information, such as a phone number or email address. If you already know this, you can contact them via text, email, or phone; however, they may have blocked your phone number on Android and iOS.

  • Log out of “Facebook” if you are logged in via a browser. You do not need to log out of the application.
  • Find their Facebook profile by searching for it. Fill in “Facebook [name]” in the search bar, replacing “[name]” with their actual name.
  • Click the “search engine link” to view their Facebook profile.
  • You can view a portion of their profile page if it has been set to “Public.”

Send the Blocker a message via email.

Google and other search engines are immensely powerful. Find the individual who blocked you and obtain their email address by clicking on links to other social networking sites, the phone book, and search engine-indexed websites such as blogs and forums.

  • Utilize “Google Search” or another search engine to learn more about the recipient who blocked you.
  • Obtain an email address, which is necessary for communication.
  • Utilize the recipient’s email address to contact them.

Refer to this page: Unblocking Facebook

You can help someone unblock you by following the instructions below. Copy and paste the instructions into an email or text message for their convenience. In the absence of such evidence, they may determine that unblocking you is not worthwhile or lack the time to figure out how to do so.

Ensure that you withhold assistance from the blocker until they hear back. You do not want to appear pushy, desperate, or condescending towards the blocker. You can help the person unblock you by providing them with these instructions.

  1. Click the arrow in the upper-right corner and select “Settings & Privacy.”How to tell if someone on Facebook has blocked you
  2. Determine “Settings.”How to tell if someone on Facebook has blocked you
  3. Click or tap the “Blocking” link on the left.
  4. Find the offending profile and click “Unblock.”
  5. After 48 hours have passed since you unblocked them, you can reply to their messages and access their profile again.

Remember that you will have to wait a short while before you can block them again if you take this action. If you unblock someone in order to view their profile, they will also be able to view your profile until you re-block them. Refer to our article on how to unblock a Facebook user.

FAQs about blocking Facebook

Facebook is used for numerous vital communications. The following information is provided to help you navigate being blocked on Facebook.

Can I unblock the individual who unblocked me?

Absolutely! Perhaps someone else had the idea before you, and you do not want them to view your profile. You can still block someone who has previously blocked you, thankfully. Here’s how:

How to unblock a user who has previously unblocked you is as follows:

  1. Click Blocking under Settings in Facebook.
  2. Select Edit directly beneath “Block Users.”
  3. Select Add to the blocked list.How to tell if someone on Facebook has blocked you
  4. Locate the individual you wish to block. Click Block alongside the user’s name.

The Facebook user who blocked you is unable to view your profile even after unblocking you.

Can I message someone on Facebook Messenger who has blocked me?

However, only in a group conversation. If you were in a group chat before the user blocked you, you can continue to send messages. The other user can view your message, respond, and access the conversation.

Even though you may believe someone blocked you out of resentment or animosity, this is not always the case. This article discussed how a user’s privacy settings could render them unsearchable and could vanish from your friend list if they unfriended you or were banned.

If you have been blocked online, there may be a valid reason, and it may be a good time to evaluate your online behavior. If you are concerned, you can always ask an online friend if they have deactivated their account. Instead of worrying about it, the response or lack thereof will reveal what is actually occurring.


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