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Spotify has steadily surpassed iTunes to take the top spot among music apps with more than 50 million tracks. In terms of playlists, the Spotify app reigns supreme. User-made playlists are becoming more popular, they are collections of carefully chosen songs that serve as the background music for daily life.

But aside from the music, the cover image determines whether a Spotify playlist succeeds. Each playlist’s cover artwork gives it a unique touch and sets the tone for the tunes inside.

It is possible to edit the Spotify playlist cover image, which by default features a collage of the artists on the list. In this article, Techzambo will tell you everything you need to know to modify the playlist Picture if you wanted to give your playlist more personality.

How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture

You must use the edit menu to modify the cover image of a Spotify playlist. With a few small variations, the procedure is essentially the same for Spotify’s mobile, desktop, and web applications.

How to Change on Phone

  • Activate the Spotify app.
  • Select “Your Library” by clicking in the bottom left corner.
  • To view your playlist options, choose the playlist option to the left of “Your Library” in the upper left corner.
  • Search for the personalized playlist you’ve made.
  • Select the three-dot symbol (the horizontal dots).
  • Select Edit Playlist.
  • Select Change Image.
  • Click “Choose photo”
  • Pick one from your collection or shoot a brand-new picture.
  • In the top right corner, click Save.

How to Change on Spotify Web Player

  • Launch Spotify
  • Click “Your Library” in the left corner.
  • Go to the top section and select Playlist.
  • To access the playlist, click on the image of it.
  • Select the icon with three dots.
  • Select “Edit Details” by clicking.
  • To change the cover image for the playlist, click on it or tap “change image.”
  • Click “pick photo” to get a fresh personalized cover photo.

How to Change on the Desktop

  • Activate the Spotify App.
  • To access each playlist, click “Your Library” on the left.
  • Choose a playlist.
  • Select the menu button (the three dots).
  • To access the “edit playlist” page, click on the “edit details” link.
  • To change the image, click the Spotify playlist cover image.
  • Pick a fresh playlist cover photo.


How to Find Spotify Playlists?

Enter the genre or artist you want to hear in the search bar, then touch the playlist option to see the results. It’s very easy, and if you don’t find one you like, make one yourself.

How To Put A Picture On My Spotify Playlist?

As long as the playlist is yours, you can choose a different image for it by clicking on the cover image.

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