Change Spotify Email

Has your Spotify account ever been associated with a previous email address? If you don’t change your email address, you run the danger of ever losing access to your Spotify account.

Fortunately, Spotify has made it easier to update your email address on its site. Here’s what you need to know if you want to change your email on Spotify.

Can We Change Spotify Email On The App?

Unfortunately, you can update your email using the Spotify app. To achieve this, you must use the website. However, the app provides additional benefits, such as the ability to download songs to listen to when offline.

How to Change Spotify Email

  • Connect to Spotify. Go to the web browser, then enter your login information on the Spotify page.
  • By clicking on your profile photo, you may access your account page.
  • Click Account in the drop-down menu. Click Edit Profile under your account information. The pencil symbol is located on the left side of the screen and is an alternative.
  • Write your new email address in the first box. The Save Profile button is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Await The Email Confirmation. You won’t need to reset your password or take any other action because you’ll receive a confirmation message containing your account information. It’s finished.


Can I have two accounts on Spotify?

You are allowed to have two accounts. The use of a unique display name and email address is the only requirement.

How to Merge Spotify Accounts?

Merging Spotify accounts is not possible. No, not even if you use Facebook to log in. Once you choose an account, it will remain that way permanently.

What Can I Do If Spotify Won’t Let Me Change My Email?

Simply delete your account and create a new one if all else fails. You can change your password when you create a new account.

If your Spotify email address is connected to your Facebook account, can you change it?

Your Spotify email and your Facebook account email cannot be separated. You are unable to alter your Spotify email address after you log in using Facebook. On the Facebook app, you must manually modify your Facebook email address.

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