Calibre reader is a data viewer for Windows 10 that allows you to view EPUB-formatted digital books. Also included is a hand-selected list of Top Calibre Audiences, together with their desired features and website connections.

This is a user-friendly open-source electronic book manager and reader. You may also change the font style size, margins, and metadata, as well as include an auto-generated tabulation, using the tool. It assists you in managing your electronic book collection while saving time.


1: Hamster


Hamster is a free eBook converter that allows you to read eBooks on your computer or mobile device. It operates similarly to Calibre, allowing you to convert eBooks in proprietary formats for over 200 devices, including the Nook, Sony, Kindle, iPad, iRiver, iPhone, and Kobo. You may migrate your eBooks between devices by converting them to PDF, TXT, LIT, FB2, PDB, PUB, and other formats.

You may also use Hamster to batch convert several files and make them compatible with various devices. This program’s main goal is to let you read and enjoy your books on any eBook reader, regardless of the format it supports. Also, read Best BobMovies Alternatives.

Simply select the eBook and output the format once you’ve got it. In comparison to this, which is only available in a dozen languages, Hamster will convert it and you can use it in over 40 languages.

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2: Kindlian


Kindlian is an eBook manager and organiser that comes in handy when storing books on SD cards. This all-in-one eBook manager and organiser was created specifically for use with the Kindle, which does not support folders but does support collections.

Kindlian is a commercial programme, unlike Calibre, which is open-source and free to use, but it’s still incredibly attractive and simple to use. Kindlian allows you to manage Kindle Touch, which makes it a superior option to this for Kindle users. You may also view and manage your eBook collection on the app’s desktop version.

When you first open the programme, it will scan your Kindle, analyse book metadata, and present you with a lovely e-library. You may also use the drag and drop capability of your mouse to move and copy books between your eBook collections.

When you add non-Kindle books from your computer to the Kindlian library, you can also acquire eBooks in other book formats. The software will convert such eBooks to the MOBI format for Kindle, but you can also convert to other common formats such as FB2, EPUB, and HTML to read free eBooks on Kindle.

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3: Delicious Library


Delicious Library is an eBook manager made specifically for Mac computers. The software differs from Calibre in that it manages not only eBooks but also anything else in your home.

Delicious Library has one of the nicest features: you may enter books via Webcam photo, allowing you to gather paper books as well. The software recognises ISBN codes and assists you in cataloguing your media (music, images, and movies), books, tools, toys, video games, and electronics, among other items. You may use the iSight webcam to upload all of your items to Delicious Library’s digital shelves. You can also use your keyboard or the app’s wireless barcode.

Hold the barcodes up to your webcam to scan them, and the items will show on the digital shelves. You can rate them, loan them to others, or read up on the information that is immediately transferred to the shelves from this page. Also, read Best Heroforge Alternative.

Delicious Library also allows you to establish an extensive eBook inventory, combine your ratings, wishlist, and friends to share your library with others, and receive recommendations based on your collector profile.

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4: Alfa eBooks Manager


Alfa eBooks Manager is another excellent Calibre replacement that comes with a variety of layouts and attractive library viewing choices.

The software allows you to update book data from a variety of web sources, including Google Books, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. It also excels at file management and metadata extraction. Alfa eBooks Manager, on the other hand, is considerably easier to use than this which has a steep learning curve. Also, read Best Music Paradise Pro Alternatives.

This program helps you manage all of your print and electronic books in a single e-library, whether you’re a student, academician, book enthusiast, collector, or run a school or business library. You may also search your computer for book files more quickly, add covers, custom fields, and tags, extract metadata, update book data from the web, and display your eBooks in three dimensions.

You may also use Alfa eBooks Manager to organise book data, modify the style and feel of your e-library, and read eBooks in a variety of formats, including EPUB, MOBI, FB2, PDF, and AZW. You may also convert eBooks for your iPhone, Kindle, or Android reader, as well as import them from this.

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5: LibraryThing

calibre library

LibraryThing is a programme that allows you to organise your eBooks and connect with other readers. The software allows you to construct a catalogue of books you own, have read, or want to read, as well as library-quality books you’ve given to others.

The app gives you a place to store all of your eBooks, allowing you to enter what you’re reading right now or your whole library and connect with a community of over 2.5 million book enthusiasts. LibraryThing, like Calibre, allows you to catalogue your books, but it also allows you to categorise your movies and music. Books from The Library of Congress, Amazon, and over 4,900 other libraries can be catalogued.

It’s also free to use, and you can use it to locate new books to read, talk about what you like with other like-minded and dedicated bibliophiles, and snag books from over 2000 early-release titles every month. Also, read Best Naruto Spot Alternatives.

LibraryThing also allows you to keep track of and lend your books, music, and movies. Unlike this, which only supports a dozen languages, the app is accessible in 28 languages with more on the way.

You can present and aggregate reviews, ratings, tags, and Common Knowledge about an author, book, award, or series, as well as contribute your own reviews, tags, and more, in addition to your personal catalogue.

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6: Collectorz

calibre library

Collectorz is a database for organising and cataloguing your books, movies, music, games, and comics. You may use it on any device, including your laptop, PC, or mobile phone, and it will sync your data between them.

The software, like this, comes with a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows you to instantly access and browse all of your eBooks while also storing the data on your device. If you choose, you can also scan books and sync data to the CLZ Cloud using the native camera barcode.

For Windows and Mac users, a web app is available that is simple to use and can be used from any computer. You get automatic updates, backups, and a free CLZ Barry barcode scanner software to scan your books because the data is stored in the CLZ cloud. A Collectorz download for experienced Windows users is available, which includes a free CLZ Barry barcode scanner tool and allows you to handle your data and image files. If you choose, you can also sync data to the CLZ cloud.

Once you scan or enter the ISBN codes into Collectorz book collector, you can quickly arrange your eBook collection and get cover art and full book details. This enables you to sort lists in whatever way you desire, explore books in cover flow, and locate them fast and effortlessly.

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7: KooBits

calibre library

Calibre can open most major eBook formats, although it’s more of a tool for opening books than a reading programme. KooBits, a more comfortable desktop eBook reading software, is a good option if you want a tool that can do both.

For easy and more comfortable reading on your device, KooBits is compatible with most common eBook formats, including EPUB, PDF, KBJ, HTML, and XML, among many others. You can use tools like the Highlight or Stamp to customise your eBook, making it easy to mark or highlight crucial areas. In addition, an Extraction tool is available, which allows you to copy content and then piece it together like a scrapbook.

You may buy thousands of eBooks from KooBits and view, organise, and manage them all in PDF format, as well as KooBits’ own interactive eBooks with multimedia and animation.

Not only does KooBits contain the same basic features as this, such as eBook management and viewing, but it also allows you to annotate and bookmark your eBooks with icons and symbols. With KooBits, you can also flip pages and employ interactive features like game components.

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8: BookFusion


BookFusion is another good Calibre alternative that lets you read, share, organise, and bookmark all of your eBooks to get the most out of your reading time.

Because of its cross-platform flexibility, the programme also allows you to sync all of your books and read or manage them across all of your devices.

You may upload and arrange eBooks in any format, as well as discover new books and readers that share your interests. While BookFusion only supports about ten distinct eBook formats compared to this, you may use its sync plugin to access all of your books in Calibre cloud and on any eBook device.

However, you must sign in with a Facebook or Twitter account in order for BookFusion to sync your bookmarks, books, highlights, and comments across devices. You may also utilise the web reader and Send to Kindle, among other things, with this.

This allows you to sync your books between devices without having to create an account, while BookFusion requires you to install the software before you can utilise any of the features. Other perks include free access to over 60,000 books, as well as extensive reader settings such as typefaces, line spacing, vertical/horizontal margins, bold/italics, and font alignment. Also, read Best Slack Alternatives.

You may also download books to any device for offline reading, sync your reading progress and resume reading where you left off, and read books in MOBI, PDF, EPUB, AZW, and more formats. Night mode, page animation, customised text, and a customizable backdrop colour are also included.

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9: Readerware


For booksellers, collectors, libraries, churches, schools, and other groups, Readerware is an original and unique library management, database, and inventory system.

You may provide the software a list of barcode scans, ISBNs, or UPCs, and it will search the web and catalogue your media files and books for you. The technology may combine data from different websites to create a complete database with cover art that can be built automatically and quickly.

Readerware automates the data entering process by retrieving full listing information and integrating the data. You may also use the tool to scan photos and catalogue a CD, DVD, book, or other file by scanning barcodes, as it works with any barcode reader.

One of the distinguishing features of Readerware over Calibre is that, while the latter supports eBook formats, it does not support other media formats. Readerware, on the other hand, works with a wide range of media types, including audiophile formats like DVD-Audio, SACD, and ancient vinyl LPs. LaserDiscs, videotapes, and emerging high-definition media like HD DVD and Blu-ray can all be catalogued. Readerware provides simple wizards to let you categorise, import, or export books and backups, among other things.

Readerware, like this, has mobile apps that let you carry your database with you everywhere you go, whether you’re using an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

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10: All My Books


If you wish to gather books in a fashionable style, All My Books is a good option. All book information is loaded from online sources, and you may share them with your friends so they can see your collection as well.

By filling in the title, author name, or ISBN fields, you can acquire detailed information about any book. However, unlike this, which has applications for numerous operating systems and platforms, you can only use this software on Windows PCs and Android devices. You can use the tool to browse your book collection as cover thumbnails or a title list, find the real book using the Book Number or Location fields, and filter your books by Wishlist, Unread, or your own markings.

You may also use the Quick search box to search your book catalogue and organise your library into folders based on genre, author, year, location, or binding type field values. You may also examine cover images or swipe through them to peruse them, as well as read extended book information by publisher, author, or synopsis.

The application creates an ideal electronic library for you to organise your bookshelves into a convenient library for browsing. It can also track your books so you know who you leased them to using the native loaner manager, ensuring you never lose another loaned book.

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Last Word

Manually managing a large book collection may be difficult. You can, however, swiftly and easily bring all of your collections together and manage them automatically and effortlessly with an eBook management program.

Any of these 10 Calibre alternatives will get you up and running so you can enjoy your reading and share it with others.


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