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Planning a vacation can be exciting. However, budgeting, reservations, plane tickets, and coordinating dates can easily become burdensome and overwhelming; this is why most travelers resort to travel planning apps to help plan and organize their vacation schedule.  

Bublup can help you. With it, you can easily plan your next trip, visually organize all travel information, and enjoy a stress-free vacation.

Bublup is a cloud storage app that helps you save and organize all your travel information, including hotel reservations, special events, links to the sights you want to see, and restaurants you want to eat, all in one space. The Bublup solution is unique and easy to use. It makes travel planning quick, convenient, and even fun.

Bublup is easy to use, highly customizable,(you can decide how you want to organize your content) and intuitive. Bublup allows you to organize all the content you have saved into folders and subfolders, and with everything laid out intuitively, it makes it easy to find anything you need quickly.

With the Bublup travel planning app, you never have to worry about losing any important information on your trip. It’s all there waiting for you.

Bublup releases your full creative potential and increases your productivity. All the information you need to plan a perfect trip or vacation is organized in one place and displayed just the way you want it.

Bublup is perfect, not just for families but also for individual travelers who want to explore. No matter your destination, Bublup enables you to organize and share the highlights of your trip.

With all your digital files and every other thing you need for your trip saved and organized with Bublup folders, it is easy to access your content when it is time to hit the road.

Key Features of the Bublup App

  • It goes beyond cloud storage

The Bublup app doesn’t just allow you to store files, it also helps you organize, discover new content (related to what you have saved), and share your content easily with anyone (even if they are not on the Bublup app).

  • It can organize anything and everything visually

You can create a vast number of private and shared visual folders, save just any content and navigate your contents at a glance with titles, images, and descriptions.

  • Bublup rolls 

Without stress and in a few seconds, the app allows you to create beautiful web pages from your saved content.

Why is Bublup Perfect for Trip Planning?

  • Easy to use

The Bublup app is easy to navigate, and anyone can use it.

  • Saves time

You can avoid spending way too much of your little time on travel plans by subscribing to the single app that makes organization easy; the Bublup app.

  • Visually appealing

Its neat visual appearance and design make it attractive and fun to use.

  • Instant share feature

This app allows you to share your files with your friends and family.

Once you have saved your files, there are several ways to share them with friends and family:

  1. Group folders: these are perfect for collaboration when you are planning a trip with friends or family.

With this feature, you can save new notes in your folder, and everyone in the group folder will be notified when new content has been added.

You can also communicate better using the reactions and comment features on the Bublup app when collaborating on your travel plans with group folders.

  1. Emails: Bublup allows you to email your saved files to anyone, even if they are not using the Bublup app.
  • Easy access

The Bublup app is easily accessible from a wide range of devices: your desktop, tablets, and even your mobile phones. With Bublup, you don’t need more than one app. This can help make life easier.

  • Save anything

The premium plan of the Bublup app allows up to about 1TB of storage space with which you can save just anything, including photos, videos, links, and any other type of digital file.

There is virtually no limit to your file-saving capabilities.

  • Organize your files visually

All your files, including digital files, can be easily organized on the Bublup app. This can help you follow up on upcoming vacations and remind you of the previous ones.

  • It’s free

Your traveling app shouldn’t eat into your vacation budget. That’s why the Bublup app is absolutely free.

For a start, you can save an unlimited number of links and 3GB of private storage space, totally free.

You can also earn 12GB of extra storage space when people join Bublup through your referral link or folder invitations.

  • It is safe

Everything you save on the Bublup app is safe and private. You get to decide what you want to share and with whom.

Bublup Can Work for You

You can count on Bublup to help save important files, collaborate on trips with friends and family, stay organized, and share content.

After the Vacation 

 You can transform your trip with Bublup rolls. On your return from an amazing vacation, You can impress your friends and family with your travel tips and breathtaking photos. You can also share these experiences with the world.

The “Bublup Rolls” feature on the Bublup app allows you to turn your trip into a lovely webpage that anyone can view. You can create beautiful rolls with your saved contents in just a few seconds and customize your rolls easily by choosing your themes and layouts.

Bublup Is There to Help

You can save anything and everything visually on Bublup; your travel plans, hotel reservations, notes, and tickets are in one convenient and easily accessible space. Bublup has a variety of plans, including a FREE option.

Your next vacation planning can be more organized and streamlined with Bublup.

You can find out more and sign up for this unique collaborative space by logging on to their website or downloading the app from the play store.

There is no need to wait any longer. Sign up today and start planning your next trip with Buplup.


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