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With the evolution and innovation in technology, we have seen smartwatches replacing the old-fashioned watch. Users now prefer smartwatches that connect to their smartphones and perform many tasks. If we look at the smartwatch market, there are hundreds of models to attract users. However, it’s not easy to find the best one, as they provide distinct features and performance. Big tech companies like Apple and Samsung release their smartwatches every year to grab the market. Even if you want to buy a classy, functional, or fitness-centric watch to track your health, there are many options available. Today we have written our article about the best smartwatches that you can buy in 2021.

Top 10 Best Smartwatches You Can Buy In 2021

Our experts have compiled a list of the best smartwatches based on features and user reviews. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple is famous for its excellent products, and the Apple Watch Series 6 is undoubtedly one of the best smartwatches ever. It has knocked out all other smartwatches courtesy of its intelligent features and sensors. Even the previous Series 5 was a fantastic product, but this one has replaced all the previous versions.

It arrives with some exceptional features like blood oxygen level, Always-on display, sleep tracking, 32GB of internal memory on the base variant, LTPO OLED display, and much more. The downside of this watch is its high cost; it is costly and works only with iPhone. They have embedded the S6 chipset in the watch, increasing its performance and extending the battery life.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a competitor of the Apple Watch Series 6, but it’s not as efficient as its rival. It is different from other watches that work on OS, and the Galaxy Watch 3 runs Samsung’s own Tizen OS. This watch has performed well so far than WearOS in most cases and increases battery life. The major upgrade in this watch is encompassing Super AMOLED display with support for Always-on display. There’s no rotating bezel, and Galaxy Watch 3 arrives with an Exynos 9110 chip as unlike Qualcomm Snapdragon chips, which significantly empowers the smartwatches in the Android OS.

There are two variants available, 41mm or 45mm variant; they both support LTE. You can buy anyone according to your need, and it provides features of IP68 water resistance with an additional 5ATM pressure rating.

3. Fitbit Sense/ Versa 3

Fitbit Sense/ Versa 3

It is one of the best smartwatches available in the market that doesn’t come at a hefty price tag. Fitbit’s new Versa 3 is a smartwatch that you can buy at a fair price below $500 and includes smart activity trackers that make it best. When it comes to looks, it is sleek, lightly build, and provides a bigger screen.

It is quite a fast watch and allows you to store up to 300 songs on the device. Some of the notable features include SpO2 blood oxygen monitoring, heart-rate tracking, Google Assistant and Alexa support, sleep and swim tracking, and much more. If fully charged, the battery goes up to 6-7 days with ease.

4. Oppo Watch (46mm)


Oppo Watch (46mm)

Oppo is grabbing the attention of users because of its affordable and high-quality tech products. This watch runs Wear OS, and Snapdragon 3100 SoC is included to power this watch, which is a bit outdated but still offers up to 48 hours of battery life.

They are gaining the market because the watches arrive with new faces which attract users. Some users complain that Google Assistant does not work at times which is terrible. Another downside of this app is its speakers who are not loud and may disappoint you if you make a call using this watch.

5. OnePlus Watch

It is one of the best watches in 2021 that is famous for its fast speed. This watch brings many fitness and other features. and doesn’t run WearOS, although the battery lasts up to two weeks. One Plus watch is based on an RTOS (real-time operating system) system similar to the Fitbit Versa, which improves its service.

Looking at specs, it includes a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with touch screen controls with beautiful looks and a packed in a stainless steel case. Other features include sleep tracking, built-in GPS, over 100 workout profiles, heart-rate monitoring, and much more.

6. Amazfit GTS 2 / GTR 2 / T-Rex Pro

Amazfit GTS 2 / GTR 2 / T-Rex Pro

Amazfit is basically a fitness-centered watch serving users in 2021. It looks amazing and offers many features and specifications such as an AMOLED screen, built-in GPS, 3GB storage for music, all sorts of fitness tracking innovations, and one-week battery life. What makes it different from others is its facility to measure your blood oxygen level with both these watches.

7. Mi Watch Revolve

The Mi Watch Revolve is one of the best smartwatches that you can buy in 2021 and is the product of Xiaomi. Though this watch is not feature enriched like other names on the list still serves the smartwatch’s primary features.  It provides a beautiful 1.39-inch AMOLED display, water-resistance up to 5ATM, various sports modes, always-on display support, and much more.

The battery life lasts up to 2 weeks, which is remarkable and makes it a consideration of so many tech freaks.

8. Fossil Gen 5

Fossil Gen 5

Fossil Sport’s success forced the company to launch Fossil Gen 5 with more features and efficient performance. They have installed  Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor to increase its capacity and battery life. However, many users are not satisfied with its battery when they compare it with other smartwatches, and it runs Google’s latest Wear OS.

9. Garmin Venu

Garmin Venu

If your concern is fitness, Garmin Venu is there to serve you with the best fitness features. The price is a bit high but provides so many fitness tracking features which are lacking in other watches. Some essential features include GPS, Blood oxygen level, health monitoring sensors,  wrist heart rate monitor, Barometric altimeter, Compass, Accelerometer, and much more. Apart from this it also provides plenty of gym features that can help you remain fit and healthy.

10. Huawei  GT 2

Huawei  GT 2

Huawei  GT 2 is one of the best smartwatches which has been ruling the market since 2019. It comes with a Kirin A1 chipset which is a product of  Huawei itself and offers great speed and performance. There are so many features such as fitness tracking and smartphone management that you can use with ease. The battery life is amazing and lasts up to 14 days, which is remarkable; the Huawei Watch GT 2 includes a 1.2-inch AMOLED screen in 42mm and 46mm dials.


We have made a list of the best smartwatches that you buy right now; you can choose anyone based on your needs. All of them provide different features, and different specifications read all of them carefully before making a decision. You can suggest to us other names missing on our list, dont forget to send us feedback. Until the next time. Goodbye!


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