Best Sales Mapping Software

Best Sales Mapping Software: Sales representatives used to need to have a thorough understanding of their respective territories. The field of play has altered now. Memorizing your territory is no longer vital for the modern sales representative.

So how can you effectively optimize your territory?

Modern salespeople use cutting-edge technology to comprehend their territory completely. They are able to quickly make strategic judgments since they always have access to the necessary information about their accounts. The toolkit of every field sales team now must include sales mapping software.

What is sales mapping software?

A commercial solution that combines geolocation with sales data is sales mapping software. To construct territories, sales managers and field salespeople mostly use this tool. Additionally, it enables them to see leads, clients, and territory on a map. With improved routes and more effective schedules, it even aids sales representatives in managing time in the field.

Make sure you use the appropriate software for the task at hand because different types of software concentrate on various topics. Some applications, like Badger Maps, focus on enhancing the field productivity of sales representatives. Other apps might concentrate on functions like designing territories and allocating them among a team of sales representatives. Software for mapping sales territories includes Xactly Alignstar, Alignmix, and more excellent options.

There are numerous tools available, ranging from straightforward solutions (such as basic map overlays) to more complex ones. A sophisticated sales territory optimization tool with CRM connection and other capabilities is a feature to keep an eye out for. Your sales team may benefit greatly from this.

Why Should You Use It?

Using a sales mapping software product is essential for any contemporary sales team or rep attempting to remain competitive.

A sales mapping tool allows you to:

  • Have a clear and evenly distributed territory
  • Easily distinguish profitable areas from fruitless ones
  • Conduct efficient sales planning
  • Efficiently utilize time and resources

You should select a sales mapping software with advanced features if you want to increase your efficiency. You can advance more quickly if your territory management is optimized. These cutting-edge tools can assist you in:

  • Meet more clients while saving fuel and mileage costs (with route optimization)
  • Manage sales reps (with team management features)
  • Track and analyze sales activities (with custom reports)

By automating repetitive procedures, a sales mapping tool makes it simple to boost productivity and revenues.

How do you choose the right sales mapping software for sales territory mapping?

The ideal sales mapping program for you will depend on a variety of variables. This covers elements like your budget, objectives, and company size. The greatest sales mapping software, including both free and commercial choices, is covered here. There are several free programs available. However, there aren’t many that offer extremely advanced features like free sales mapping software.

Some of these solutions include “freemium” plans with complimentary fundamental sales mapping functionality. However, you should absolutely think about paying for a subscription if you require a sales mapping app that fixes all of your issues. Use the free trials that some of these products offer if you require free sales mapping software due to financial constraints.

The 12 best sales mapping software tools

1. Badger Maps

Badger Maps

The greatest sales mapping program for field sales teams is called Badger Maps. Badger Maps is an all-in-one application with capabilities for sales area mapping, route planning, optimization, and more that enables you to drive 20 % less and sell 22 % more. Badger is used by field sales teams all throughout the world to organize and visualize their territory, concentrate on their top clients, and plan routes and schedules. You can capture meeting notes while on the road and instantly sync them with your CRM by using the mobile app.

2. Xactly AlignStar

Xactly AlignStar

Salespeople utilize Alignstar, a sales mapping tool, to automate and improve territory management. Sales operation teams can use it to create sales territories and divide up a region for team members. AlignStar can be used by sales managers to visualize customer and prospect data. This will reveal prospects and assist representatives in concentrating on locations with high sales potential.

3. BatchGeo


Users of the mapping program BatchGeo can visualize spreadsheet data on a map. This tool is excellent for copying data and obtaining an informative, eye-catching map because it offers free basic mapping features for sales territories. Additionally, you can use it to create maps for your website! The functions for salespeople, however, are only available for mapping sales information (customers, leads, and assets).

4. Maptitude


The GIS software from Maptitude is made to create personalized maps for sales regions, facilitate rep communication, and evaluate geographic data. With the help of this application, you may build maps using spreadsheet data and determine how geography influences your company. The primary benefit of Maptitude is access to a library of world maps. However, there aren’t many features designed especially for salespeople. For data analysts, Maptitude is often a better tool.

5. eSpatial


In a cutting-edge mobile app, eSpatial offers outstanding features and customer service if you’re seeking terrific sales mapping software and are willing to pay for it. Spreadsheet data may be converted into understandable maps and graphs with eSpatial. The maps have elements like heat maps and proximity analysis. You can better control sales activity, resources, and field operations by doing this. This application makes it simple to visualize and evaluate data from various layers.

6. Map Business Online

Map Business Online

MapBusinessOnline is cloud mapping software that you can use to manage sales territories, visualize and analyze business data, discover new markets, and improve logistics. For someone who merely requires a reasonably priced mapping tool, this can be a fantastic choice. An all-in-one sales tool will be more advantageous to you if your goal is to increase productivity as a salesperson.

7. Yellowfin


Yellowfin is the solution for you if you’re seeking mapping software that is simple to use and has a clear interface. It creates an integrated platform with action-based dashboards, automated data discovery, and data storytelling. You can gain value from your data in this way. This BI and enterprise analytics application doesn’t have any capabilities designed especially for salespeople.

8. Geopointe


By enabling users to study and edit data, the Geopointe AppExchange (the marketplace for Salesforce apps) app enables locations on Salesforce. This sales mapping tool may be a good fit for you if your sales team uses Salesforce. For salespeople, Geopointe offers a variety of functions. Route optimization is included here, although it is available as a distinct add-on function.

9. Maptive


Another excellent tool for creating personalized maps and comprehending your geographic data is Maptive. You can quickly create a customized Google Map from any spreadsheet data using this mapping program. You can produce heat maps, color-coded pin maps, territory maps, demography maps, and routes with optimum routing once your data has been submitted.

10. SmartDraw


In contrast to the other mapping software products in this list, SmartDraw gives users the tools, templates, and symbols they need to easily produce charts. It can be used to map floor plans, structures, occasions, and business procedures. SmartDraw is one of the best tools available for designing and sketching, even though it doesn’t provide solutions for sales productivity, territory administration, or data analytics.

11. GeoMetrx


Software for creating franchise territory maps, choosing store locations, and developing sales territories is called GeoMetrx. This application converts static business data into dynamic maps that may be used to construct sales territories, much like the majority of the other mapping apps on this list. You have the option of using the demographic datasets offered by Geometrx or uploading your own data.

12. AlignMix


It would be worthwhile to look at this “premium” mapping tool if usability is a top requirement. A sales mapping solution called AlignMix is renowned for its cutting-edge user interface. It aids sales operations in designing territories and setting up team-wide geographic divisions. AlignMix costs a little more than comparable tools, though. However, be aware that other programs may only provide training sessions (to assist with data loading) and premium features as pricy add-ons.


You may manage prospects, clients, and territory successfully, thanks to them. Which, in the end, enables you to concentrate on high-potential leads. Software for sales mapping is available in a wide variety of excellent solutions, each with a specific function. Your particular professional requirements will determine which sales mapping software is best for you.

Generally speaking, it may be advisable to use a premium choice if you require a solution that provides numerous complicated features in a single application. A sales mapping tool will probably end up paying for itself if you’re a field salesperson thanks to gas savings and greater earnings.


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