Best Room Scheduling Software

Scheduling hotel and desk reservations is one of the biggest problems that organizations are currently facing. Employees and supervisors work in shifts at offices as more businesses transition to hybrid workflows.

Although a hybrid workplace is a fantastic way to boost worker productivity, it has some issues. For instance, duplicate bookings for workstations and conference rooms can cause meetings to be delayed. Both immediately and later productivity are impacted by this.

Software for room scheduling is a great solution to these issues. Because of this, room scheduling software is a crucial tool for maintaining an efficient hybrid workflow.

What Is Room Scheduling Software?

Room scheduling software is a solution for centralizing workstation and conference room reservations. Managers and office workers can access a database that is kept up to date by this software.

This program, often known as desk hoteling or desk booking software, greatly simplifies a variety of office procedures. Employees and managers can reserve workstations or conference rooms using this app. Although this is its main purpose, room scheduling software includes a few additional features. Additionally, it enables employees to alter or cancel their reservations and check for open workplaces. It can smoothly integrate with your existing tools or sync with calendars.

Best Room Scheduling Software


WorkInSync offers a hybrid desk scheduling solution with the typical capabilities of hoteling software. Additionally, it has many functionality, including Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant compatibility. Using voice command integration, employees can make hands-free reservations for workstations or meeting spaces from anywhere.

Additionally, users can search interactive booking sites to locate seats, conference spaces, or unique amenities like projectors or dual monitors. To protect health and safety in the workplace, WorkInSync also has thermal scanners and paperwork for health assessments.


Skedda is a customizable room scheduling app that enables self-service bookings so you can automate space management. System administrators and managers just need to set up automated user rules and bookable objects once with this program. The software also includes an interactive floor layout for simple viewing and booking through the user interface. A time-of-day slider on the floor layout also allows users to view workstation availability.

In addition, Skedda connects with third-party programs and offers mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones. These programs include iCloud, Slack, Trello, Google Calendar and Workspace, and Google Calendar.


DeskFlex is software for desk hoteling that offers a full range of possibilities for reserving workspaces, from desk scheduling to equipment reservations. This tool has features for both the public and private sectors, particularly the healthcare industry.

The PC version of the application is made to be a guest-centric system that works with the majority of web browsers. All functionality and integrations are available on its mobile edition, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

In addition, DeskFlex offers personalized programming choices for parking spaces, offices, and conference rooms. Additionally, it provides switch development for additional software-integrated PBX capabilities.


Three distinct tools are included in the workspace reservation software SpaceIQ to enhance space management. Together, SpaceIQ’s technologies provide a comprehensive set of fundamental and essential capabilities for agile workplaces. These include space inventory, hot-desking, ratio seating, and vacancy management.

Additionally, SpaceIQ includes a Wayfinder Portal feature that makes it easier for staff members to move around offices. The software’s tools interface with third-party applications like Office 365 Calendar, Slack, and Google Drive.


With their “book here and now” mobile feature, Smartway2 enables customers to make reservations for anything on the go, including parking spaces and workstations. Using swipe cards or phone activation, users of this software can make on-the-spot reservations using room panels.

The COVID-safe booking feature of this software enables users to simulate physical separation between reserved places. To safeguard the health and safety of employees, contact tracing can be included in the app’s user metrics. Smartway2 has a Smart Desk Recovery tool that automatically checks for unused reservations and no-shows. It also connects with Office 365, Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange.

Eden Workplace

A modular room scheduling program called Eden Workplace was created as a cost-effective choice for small organizations. It has discrete modules for the many tasks you would need at work, such guest management and desk reservations.

When using these modules, administrators and managers can control the number of available desks to ensure social distance. This program also includes an integrated ticketing system for employee service requests in addition to the module system.

Eden Workplace integrates with numerous third-party applications, including Google Calendar, Slack, and BambooHR. This program is also compatible with access control and single sign-on directory apps like DAP and Cloudflare.


Robin is a room scheduling tool created to give staff members more alternatives for ensuring safety and making the best use of available space. The real-time analytics that are integrated into the software allow users to see which desks are occupied or vacant. Users can make reservations using the app on their phones, which is available on both PC and mobile platforms. It also has functions for wayfinding and searching, enabling tight collaboration among coworkers.

In order to reduce phantom meetings and no-shows, Robin’s space usage features also ensure that the right number of persons are booked for the event. Applications like Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Office 365 are all integrated with the program.


A user-friendly interface was created for OfficeSpace’s desk hoteling software to make it simple to use and navigate. To encourage tight teamwork, the app offers activity-based work and neighborhood reservations.

To protect health and safety, the mobile app has a contactless check-in option that users may use to sign in. They can also book reservations using additional third-party applications like Slack or Microsoft Outlook.


Condeco is a room scheduling solution that enables various reservations for workspace types for hybrid setups. Condenco also permits self-service reservations, which can be made through the app or Outlook. Users can reserve anything from workstations to parking spaces using the map view.

Condeco also has “zones” that groups of people can reserve to stay together. Colleagues may discover one another via search functions, and workflow is facilitated by the integration of apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms.


Tactic is a method for booking rooms that combines engagement features with the essential requirements required for hybrid workspaces. This app places a strong emphasis on a better user experience and usability, as well as real-time analytics. Mandatory health check-ins, capacity management systems, and vaccine tracking are also provided to guarantee a safe workplace.

Workstations and conference room reservations are shown visually for users’ simple viewing as part of Tactic’s user-friendly design. The real-time updates of the interactive maps allow customers to book workstations and accommodations while on the go.


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