Best Reference Check Software

Reference check software is a collection of applications for automatically contacting and getting information from the references that job candidates supply. It attempts to improve how quickly and effectively human capital management experts can gather accurate data about the candidates who made the shortlist. The businesses make use of applicant tracking software that is coupled with reference checking tools.

Best Reference Check Software


Are you seeking for smart software that automates the process of verifying employment references? One of the most sophisticated online reference check tools is Xref, which gives users superior candidate understanding in just a few seconds. Within the 24-hour turnaround period, the platform supports your request and automation submission while also adding extra essential layers.

The HR department and recruiters have access to an internet platform that enables them to conduct reference and background investigations, including financial credit checks and checks for employment histories, abilities, qualifications, and ongoing court cases. HR professionals can benchmark applicants based on values and capabilities using the platform provided by Xref.

Crosschq 360

Are you looking for a program that checks references? A technology created by Talent Intelligence Cloud is called Crosschq 360. Crosschq 360 was created to help organizations worldwide form diverse, effective teams. Consequently, it does away with standard reference checks. Employers can use the Crosschq 360 reference check system to conduct digital reference checks, pulse surveys, and artificial intelligence predictive quality assessments before hiring new employees.

It enables recruiters to hire candidates swiftly and objectively. Crosschq 360 runs an automated procedure based on their data and produces candidate reports in 48 hours. Additionally, it streamlines processes like ATS. Additionally, Crosschq 360 aids in creating a fresh pool of qualified and engaged employees.


It is a cloud-based platform that lets recruiters evaluate and maintain candidate ratings for pre-employment reference checks. The form builder tool is one of many reference-checking solutions that enables users to use pre-defined templates and inquiries to gather references from potential candidates. Additionally, it enables you to add personalized questions by your personal and professional demands. Jointl promotes conversational engagement through automatic response analysis, providing you with a thorough understanding of applicants’ personalities. Additionally, Jointl encourages pre-employment testing to quickly find the ideal match among tens of thousands of applicants and cut down on turnover and associated costs. You can compile references with just one click thanks to it.

SkillSurvey Reference

It is a software program for online reference checking that provides data and lowers first-year turnover. SkillSurvey Reference rose to fame for its clarity, development of compliance, and insightful comments. Additionally, it serves as an automated reference check system for companies, streamlines their hiring, onboarding, and interview processes, and provides users with a thorough and in-depth view of all applicants. It is the only piece of software that uses predictive analytics to enhance hiring decisions and lower risk.


Are you looking for a program that conducts a complete, worldwide background check? Zinc, an automatic reference-checking program, uses a novel method of background checking. The cutting-edge businesses that are concerned with the candidate experience would make advantage of Zinc’s background screening solutions. It permits manually checking employee references or using a predefined process.

The program provides businesses and employees with the most effective sharing alternatives. Utilizing blockchain technology, Zinc is a reference check system that gives applicants authority over their data. With the use of an automated method for prompt response, it helps you save time.


Through the use of online job reference reports, this software aids businesses in making speedy and informed hiring decisions. Within 30 seconds, you can ask for a reference with RefNow. Additionally, it gives candidates the option to input the contact information of their references, allowing recruiters to gather references using a safe and mobile-friendly inquiry. Additionally, consumers have 36 hours to see and download a comprehensive reference report that includes thorough commentary on the candidate. Many multinational companies rely on RefNow to collect thorough employment references for candidates using automated feedback that complies with GDPR.

It helps the hiring staff to quickly gather references based on the data to choose the best applicant from a pool of potential candidates. Until all references are finished, the reference check system will handle references by automated emails, texts, and phone calls. You can also set up teams in RefNow for several levels, including agents, teams, and organisation admin.


With the help of automated reference-checking software, you may rapidly learn more about your potential new hire without making a call or sending an email. Therefore, VidCruiter would be perfect for hiring managers looking for software that eliminates manual labour. Automation eliminates lengthy email chains and multiple phone calls, lessening the administration department’s heavy workload. Additionally, it offers a thorough and precise answer, boosting your next candidate’s confidence with data-driven commentary and automated evaluations.

Additionally, it aids in gathering and safeguarding truthful responses, preventing fraud. As a result, you can be sure that your references are real and accurate, and your data is protected from unwanted users. If the reference’s IP address or device matches the candidate’s IP address, the platform will signal an error.


Checkmate is an easy-to-use online reference checking tool that gathers and validates employee background information. It provides customers with a selection of reference check template questions from which they can choose based on their requirements. The software allows customers to create sophisticated questionnaires that instantly gather the necessary data from each candidate.

It helps the recruiters to craft their inquiries by the data provided. Additionally, you have access to a platform where you can ask applicants for references by email or text, and they can also use it to respond to inquiries from hiring managers and recruiters. Checkmate is used to evaluate references and backgrounds in more than 190 nations.


Do you wish to do away with the drawn-out hiring procedure? Numerous resume reviews and background checks can occasionally be too much for the recruiters to handle. The good news is that RefLynk, an automatic reference check system that can be used in a variety of ways, is one of the most amazing gifts that technology has to offer. You can anticipate a response from at least 72% of the responses when using RefLynk. After reference surveys are finished, the software provides you with alerts and notifications by text and email. Additionally, it offers regular criticism and comparison. RefLynk also makes it simple to consume large amounts of data. The reports are available online in PDF or HTML formats. RefLynk is also used by businesses to carry out effective exit interviews.


Due to its effectiveness and simplicity, it is Australia’s top online reference check tool. The sources claim that it works in conjunction with Digital ID, a quick and secure background identification system created by Australia Post. You might occasionally be unsure of the feedback you would receive from a candidate’s past employers when you speak with them on the phone. Online reference checks are now commonplace for businesses in the digital age.

There are modern methods for confirming a referee. A quick and secure reference check is produced via the internet tool Referoo. No matter the size or type of organization, the program offers its users a set of adaptable capabilities. Additionally, it is simple to comprehend how consumers interact with the software. You may run reference checks automatically with Referoo, which streamlines and expedites the process. The reference checks can also be finished by phone, SMS, or email. Clients can deliver an effective reference check with the aid of the software’s online reference checking solution.


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