Recruitment CRM Software

A CRM specifically made for recruiters and recruiting managers is called a recruitment CRM. Data about prospects is gathered by the CRM and stored in one place. By assisting recruiters in setting up automatic emails, SMS, and messaging, it also automates the candidate nurturing process. Many recruiting CRM solutions also integrate with ATS software to choose only the top prospects for the post and schedule interviews with them. In other words, the recruitment team benefits from a CRM system because they can finally concentrate on recruiting rather than administrative activities like messaging and data exporting.

Best Recruitment CRM Software

Recruit CRM

Small and midsize businesses can manage their hiring processes with the help of Recruit CRM, a recruitment CRM system. Recruiters can keep tabs on candidate data, job opportunities, hiring statuses, and notifications. It comprises routine tasks, applicants, customers, and more. The program assists applicant management, resume uploading, and job posting on job boards. Invoice generation, record searching, real-time reporting, and team collaboration are just a few of the additional features it offers.

Recruiters and managers may design job pages, hiring pipelines, database fields, and application forms using this recruitment CRM system. Additionally, adding digital signatures and customizing the invoice branding are options. Many hours of recruiters’ time would otherwise be wasted switching between two platforms, but the ability to source applicants directly through LinkedIn saves a tonne of time.


SmartCRM is a leading recruitment CRM that gives businesses access to talent pools of qualified and enthusiastic applicants. It guarantees that businesses have access to a pool of qualified candidates at all times.

You may check the status whenever you want, wherever, thanks to the Field recruiting mobile app that is included with the recruitment CRM. Top brands like Visa, Nine, Devoteam, and others have confidence in SmartCRM. The mobile app is useful for checking the hiring status whenever and whenever.


For recruiting, hiring, onboarding, offboarding, and managing employee data and vacation time, Freshteam is a top CRM solution. Using their recruiting CRM solution, you can rapidly build a career site, integrate with numerous free and premium job boards, and market your business on social media platforms.

After the hiring process is complete, the recruiting team can share comments with the hiring managers and follow up with the top applicants by screening and interviewing them. It Allowing recruiters to nurture archived candidates whenever a new job posting is issued would help maintain a candidate database.

Zoho Recruit

A recruiting CRM tool called Zoho Recruit helps recruiters with a variety of issues, including discovering the best candidates, following up with them, conducting interviews, and much more. With the help of Zoho Recruit, staffing firms and internal recruiters can find, track, and engage qualified prospects without juggling numerous channels. You can automate operations like emailing, updating the status of interviews, and more to make your workflow more effective.

Additionally, it enables you to design better employment tactics and generate reports from data at your fingertips. Companies can advertise jobs with short joining requirements using a temporary staffing option, and they can immediately find people who are available and ready to start working.


An artificial intelligence-powered application tracking and recruitment management solution is called iSmartRecruit. Employers can use the platform to source candidates in real-time, integrate job boards, and conduct social media recruiting. Additionally, its networking and referral management system makes personnel segregation and selection equally effective.

To make managing jobs from the same account straightforward, the app incorporates a resume-tracking system that builds a separate profile for each resume. You may find the best prospects for your job listings with the aid of iSmartRecruit. The platform offers AI-powered marketing capabilities in addition to recruitment functions.


A cutting-edge CRM and application tracking solution for the staffing and recruitment sector is called Recruiterflow. Their Chrome extension gives you some resources to find prospects, cultivate connections with elite people, manage client relationships, and automate email correspondence. The hiring procedure is streamlined and made simpler with Recruiterflow. G-Suite and Office 365 can be integrated with Recruiterflow.

Your mailbox receives a recruitment helper thanks to its Chrome addon. Thanks to its connection, you may sync emails back and forth with clients and candidates. Recruiters may develop reports regarding the success of their teams, pipeline health, new applicants, interviews, and time-to-hire by visualizing data about their pipelines.


Yello is a top recruiting CRM with a unified platform that makes it simple to connect with the best personnel. With all the dashboards, application workflows, and applicant information in one location, Yello offers a fully integrated experience.

Yello’s recruiting CRM is utilized by Fortune 500 firms as well as startups in more than 70 countries and 15 languages. Because Yello connects with job boards, you can directly add data from job boards to your CRM. As a result, the procedure is quick and effective.


Businesses may plan recruitment operations and manage pipelines with Pipedrive, a CRM for recruiting. The Pipedrive platform streamlines every hiring process step using an activity-based approach.

Pipedrive provides capabilities for tracking individual goals and analysing sales data in addition to bespoke reports. Users can access it wherever they want, using a web browser or a mobile application because it is a cloud-based service. Each deal’s progress phases are shown on a strong interface, coupled with information on the next practical steps. You may save time by collecting the information your contacts share online using their email addresses and Pipedrive’s smart contact data.


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