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Best Photo Vault Apps for ios: It’s best to keep private images and videos concealed. And I imagine that most of us, especially those who have to deal with a lot of private photos, would agree with this remark. Despite the fact that the hidden album can now be concealed more effectively in the most recent versions of iOS, I don’t believe it to be the ideal approach to conceal images on an iPhone because it doesn’t have a robust shield.

Since the hidden album is unlocked, anyone can bump into it and discover all the secrets you’ve been attempting to keep hidden. But there’s no need to give up because these 12 best picture vault applications for the iPhone and iPad can be useful in this circumstance.

The Top iPhone and iPad Photo Vault Apps Available (2022)

So, how exactly do these iOS photo vault applications operate to enable you to conceal your photographs and videos? To keep all of your images meticulously arranged, they do allow you to create different folders. Additionally, they ensure that your private albums have a solid barrier to deter trespassing by using a range of locks such as Face ID/Touch ID, passcode, and PIN.

Not only that, but some well-known iPhone photo vault applications also provide break-in warnings and a fast report with a picture of the burglars so you can find the offenders and take action right away. Let’s start with the roundup now that you have a glimpse of what they have in store.

1. Secret Photo Vault: Keepsafe

Secret Photo Vault: Keepsafe

Look no further than “Secret Photo Vault: Keepsafe” if you won’t accept anything less than a feature-rich photo vault for iPhones and iPad. This program stands out from competitors thanks to its ability to give military-grade encryption. That implies that you can rely on it to provide a reliable safeguard for your individual memories.

Navigation is a pleasure with Keepsafe’s user interface because of its good usability. When it comes to photo organization, it includes the tools you need to enable you to do so. Additionally, it provides a safe way to send pictures and lets you establish shared albums to make sharing pictures easier.

2. Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

To put it simply, Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe has you covered for keeping your private photos secure from unauthorized access. To start, it provides a password-protected app entry to stop anyone from accidentally accessing your private album.

The app offers pin lock, pattern lock, and dot lock options, so you may pick how you want to secure your private album. Additionally, it offers a break-in report (picture + GPS) to help you identify the intruder trying to access your images. With a number of crucial features like the capacity to create albums, import/export from images, and iTunes syncing, Pic Safe has appeared to be up to the task in terms of managing photos.

3. Secret Photo Album – SA

Secret Photo Album – SA

“Secret Photo Album” is a different feature-rich photo vault program that has my attention. The software offers the flexibility to establish both PIN code and Face/Touch ID protection for your sensitive photos. Your encrypted photos will thus always be protected from unauthorized access. Even better, you can use a fake PIN to conceal your items cleverly.

In addition, Secret Album hides the app’s content when using multitasking. You can keep an eye on the person attempting to break into your private album thanks to the break-in notifications that include intruders’ images. It automatically locks the screen to prevent cracking after three PIN failures.

4. SPV – Safe Privacy Vault

SPV – Safe Privacy Vault

Safe Privacy Vault may be a better option if you’re looking for an easy-to-use picture vault program that consistently provides your photographs and videos with the necessary shield. The software‘s Face/Touch ID unlock feature offers you complete control over your hidden photos. Depending on your needs, you can create as many folders as necessary to keep all of your photos perfectly synchronized.

The option to pass the app off as another program, which might be a smart move in protecting your privacy, is another feature worth noting. Safe Privacy Vault also keeps you informed about the intruders with timely notice and the intruder’s photo, thanks to the break-in alarm feature.

5. Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos

Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos

I would advise you to check out “Secret Photo Vault Lock Photographs” if you’re looking for a photo vault app that will allow you to manage your photos and movies more flexibly. This app supports various file formats, including jpg, png, BMP, gif, tiff, tiff, jpeg, MOV, mp4, m4v, MPV, mp3, AIFF, and wave, is arguably its strongest feature.

Notably, it is also compatible with a wide range of document types, including HTML, pages, keys, and numbers, as well as pdf, doc, ppt, Xls, txt, and RTF. Therefore, it is more than capable of handling the work, whether you want to manage your photos/videos or take charge of your papers. Oh yeah, it appears to be a standard calculator program, which might help a lot in protecting your private information from prying eyes.

6. Safe Lock – Secret Photo Album

Safe Lock – Secret Photo Album

To be clear, Safe Lock is more than simply a straightforward tool for storing photos. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for an app that can handle essential documents as well as safely hide your images and videos on your iPhone, this one can easily fill the gap. Notably, it allows GIFs so you can make a private album of all your animated, fun-loving photos and hide them from curious eyes.

Numerous locks, including Touch ID, Face ID, dot lock, password, and alphabetic, are supported by Safe Lock. As a result, you can select the lock type that best suits your requirements. It is a useful vault because it has features like Wi-Fi file transmission, slideshow viewing, anti-theft break-in reports, and a hidden camera with a zoom option.

7. Hide Photos Videos – Hide It Pro

Hide Photos Videos – Hide It Pro

In all honesty, if you want more personalization, you should choose Hide It Pro. With the app, you may make endless photo and video albums to organize your content. You can modify the thumbnails and the names of the photo albums to suit your preferences.

One of the things I like most about this program is the option to activate a masquerade screen, which you may do to hide the app and keep others from accessing your private photo albums. Your complete collection of memories will be kept safe and available on all devices thanks to secure cloud storage

8. Vault: Hide Photos & Videos

Vault: Hide Photos & Videos

Vault is unmatched when it comes to preserving your private photos and videos, even though it may not be the iOS photo vault with the most features. The app’s clutter-free UI ensures that there isn’t a steep learning curve for you. You can bulk import photos and manage your folders to keep all of your images in the Apple Pie sequence.

Even better, Vault gives you a choice to instantaneously encrypt newly acquired photographs, ensuring that they are protected from the start. Additionally, you may use the private cloud to save your images safely and instantly save your photos from the web to the app.

9. Calculator#Hide Photos Videos (NS Vault)

Calculator#Hide Photos Videos (NS Vault)

Anyone can quickly assume from the NS Vault icon that the program is a full-featured calculator intended to assist you with your math homework. And that’s perhaps this photo vault’s biggest plus. You can store your photos in the app’s safe gallery and use the necessary organizing tools to keep them in the correct arrangement.

Additionally, NS Vault serves as a useful platform where you may keep all of your private notes. Therefore, you should give it careful thought if you require a photo vault app that can also keep all of your private notes safe. You can manage your contacts and passwords, set to-dos and reminders, browse the web privately, and more while multitasking.

10. Secret Photo Vault – SPV

Secret Photo Vault – SPV

For iOS and iPadOS, Secret Photo Vault is more than just a straightforward photo vault software. It enables you to keep your contact details and passwords and to hide your private photos and videos in a secret album secured by a PIN passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID. Even though it cannot totally replace your password or contacts, you can rely on this software to manage some critical codes and keep some of your private connections organized.

Even better, Secret Photo Vault includes a secret browser so you can browse the internet anonymously. You won’t need to worry about deleting your surfing history because the integrated browser does not keep a record of your past. Despite serving multiple purposes, Secret Photo Vault maintains its simplicity. As a result, it is not difficult, in contrast to many other functional picture vault programs. The application gives a simple way to create folders and has a clean user interface.

11. PV – Secret Photo Album

PV – Secret Photo Album

PV is a cutting-edge photo vault program with all the features you need to manage and hide your photographs and videos with the necessary level of control. It has a passcode, Touch ID, and data transfer encryption features that you can utilize to protect your private images. Furthermore, the app offers much-needed free, limitless storage, allowing you to safely save your images and retrieve them as and when necessary.

Due to the seamless backup, you won’t have to worry about losing your private photos. PV includes a variety of features to handle the task of managing photos. You can make many photo albums to keep your photos nicely arranged. It enables you to set up a customized album cover and even add comments for a more individualized experience so that you won’t forget essential details. It’s really simple to organize and find photographs, thanks to tags.

12. Safe Space – Hide Photos Vault

Safe Space – Hide Photos Vault

Finally, Safe Space declares to be your go-to location for organizing and storing all of your pictures and movies. Additionally, it can serve as your private repository where you can manage your personal documents with the desired level of control. The app gives you the tools you need to keep track of everything that matters to you, including your party videos, bank cards, and driver’s license.

Using a password, Safe Space enables you to protect your image and documents. The on-device encryption increases your files’ security even more. Regarding the user interface, it has a nice appearance. You can create the necessary number of folders to maintain the Apple Pie order of your photographs and documents. Despite the limited folder customization it offers, you might not have much cause for complaint, especially if a streamlined experience is what you’re after.

A Selection of the Best Photo Vault Apps for iPhone and iPad

This list of the top iOS photo vault applications has concluded. I hope you’ve discovered a more effective technique to protect your private album. These vaults are excellent at protecting your privacy because they have a number of locks and provide you the freedom to organize the photo albums however you like.

Additionally, some of them double as useful document and password managers, further tightening the privacy restrictions on your iPhone. Which of these picture vaults will you be installing on your iOS device, by the way? I suppose it’s the one that excels at playing the disguise game.


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