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You can use Techzambo’s list of the top Kodi addons for 2022 to watch high-definition videos. Kodi is a piece of home theater software that is regarded as the best of its kind. For a lot of valid reasons, that is. When it comes to home entertainment software, Kodi is more than just a basic media player. Consider it as a media center where you can keep a range of information that is uniquely yours.

Because to its straightforward structure and simple navigation, Kodi is very simple to use. Additionally, the default user interface can be customized to have the appearance you choose. You have complete control over Kodi’s offerings, and you may customize its appearance with a huge selection of skins. These skins are available for free. Along with Cyberflix TV and Cinema APK, the newest top Movies and TV Shows applications, it is in the list of the Best Firestick Apps.

Best Kodi Addons

Exodus 8.0

For fans of movies and television like us, Exodus is a fantastic option. This software was left unfinished but has since been resurrected thanks to Kodi Bae, a developer. The default user interface is unchanged from the previous iteration.

There are many movies available on Exodus, and you can always stream the newest and most well-liked ones. The incredible media library in this Kodi Krypton add-on is sizable, often updated, and logically divided into categories. It’s simpler for people to find the information they’re looking for thanks to filters, search tools, and media that is organized by genre. Even the actor’s content can be used to find material.

Exodus Redux

The ideal addon to use if you want to stream high-definition movies and TV shows is Exodus Redux. We can state categorically that it is the best addon currently available because it functions flawlessly. The add-on was created using the well-known Lambdascraper, which is currently scraping several links of excellent quality. Exodus Redux is a great and reliable add-on, thus it should be the final one you seek for.


Taz is yet another well-liked Kodi add-on. There is a lot of media stuff available to stream in this relatively recent add-on from the Octopus Repo. You may view a tonne of free movies, TV shows, series, and other content by installing this add-on. Taz on Kodi makes it simple to find entertainment with categories like “New TV Shows,” “New Movies,” “New Series,” and many more.

While using the Taz add-on, I logged into my Trakt account and received a tonne of high-quality links for streaming free Kodi add-ons. You can sign up and give it a try, at least to understand my point of view, or you can combine your account if you already have one and gain access to more. Without including this extra, my list would not have been possible.

The Magic Dragon

One of the newest Kodi addons, The Magic Dragon, appears to function effectively when compared to other addons. There are many various types of material available on Magic Dragon, including movies, TV series, sports, radio, and more.

Users will never run out of anything to view because the addon scrapes material from external sites, which means new links are constantly added to the massive collection. It offers a modern web layout with simple navigation and categories that make finding movies simple.


Since it has so many uses, the fact that this add-on for Kodi is new doesn’t deter people from using it. It created a nice impact when it first launched. The work that has been done thus far demonstrates how much promise this add-on has, even though it is still being built.

There are currently no free streaming links available for Seren. The two premium hosters, Premium or Real Debrid, must be used to set it up. Naturally, Real Debrid is a favorite among many users, which is a fantastic performance because it functions properly and provides superior service.

Theater Butter Movie

A fork of the Exodus addon called Diamond Wizard has a video addon called Movie Theater Butter. The app, it includes excellent scrapers and a “one-click” function. This means that the add-on will automatically discover the best streaming sources and stream the video for you when you click on the content.

The site’s structure and parts are comparable to those of Exodus, and for users who prefer to use those services, this addon offers options for integrating Real-Debrid and Trakt.


It is a third-party site that enables you to view many excellent streams of movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids’ content, tools, status updates, monthly spotlights, YouTube videos, new releases, and episodes of your personal movies and TV shows. The original 13 Clowns addition, which is no longer functional, was the source of the new addon.

You can easily access high-quality streams with this add-on. A Real-Debrid account should be added if you want to make the most of this addon, which many people consider to be among the best Kodi plugins. The addon also offers torrenting options so you may stream immediately without waiting.


There are many fantastic addons that you can add to Kodi to access more streams. But as time went on, many of these then-extremely popular additions just ceased to function, and Venom began to draw more attention. You can always find something to watch with the help of the Kodi addon Venom.

Venom is extremely well-liked, and its creators frequently add new streams to keep it exciting. Venom receives many top-notch streams, and you may get even more streams when you combine it with a Real Debrid account. There are no further categories to pick from, and the layout is clear and simple.

Apocalypse 720

Apocalypse 720 is a Kodi add-on that can be found in the Nole Dynasty repository, which also contains a variety of well-known films and TV episodes from other genres. The fact that only working links for 720p streams are available distinguishes this addon from others. With Firestick, Android TV Box, and Fire TV, the add-on performs admirably. It will provide you with endless amusement.

You may stream a wide variety of entertaining videos in many genres and categories using a wonderful Kodi addon. Therefore, if all you’re looking for is a Kodi addon with widely-known films, TV shows, and other content, you’ve come to the perfect spot.


You can watch a tonne of movies and TV shows on the Alvin Kodi add-on, which will keep you occupied for hours. You will never run out of original, entertaining video to watch with this Kodi add-on because the developers frequently update fresh content to the media library.

Because it searches the internet for high-quality streaming links, this Kodi add-on is effective at scraping. For an even greater experience, the add-on also allows Torrent streaming and many of these streaming connections are in full HD. The Alvin add-on is among the top Kodi add-ons.

Mirror Addon

A fresh video add-on for Kodi is called Mirror, and it’s accessible from the Cy4Root Repository. It has everything that a Kodi add-on ought to have, plus more. It has categories for TV series, movies, YouTube channels, new material, my movies, VIP-Box, tools, and other things. The Mirror Kodi add-on makes use of auto-play to ensure that streaming is quick and of the highest caliber.

Right present, it works flawlessly with a wide variety of sources, so you should have no trouble streaming from any link. Use a real-debrid account to get the most out of the Mirror Kodi add-on. This will get you access to more buffer-free, high-quality streaming links. Despite being a relatively new add-on, it performs excellently and is quickly rising to the top of the list of newly released Kodi add-ons.


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