Using animated GIFs is the standard method for grabbing your audience’s attention and providing a succinct clip that visually emphasizes your thesis.

A brief animation is created by connecting several still photos together in an animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). Since the 1980s, GIF has been a popular low-resolution, a compact picture file format that works well for the internet. Emails, social media, text messaging, and websites all employ animated GIFs. They are entertaining and quick to make.

You can choose from various GIFs on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram to include in your postings. Even a built-in cache of animated GIFs is available on the iPhone for use in communications. To design your own GIFs from scratch, check out these GIF creation applications if you’d prefer a more personalized approach.

Best GIF Maker Apps


Another excellent tool for creating animated GIFs that is both professional and entertaining is ImgPlay. You choose your material first. You can even record or take a picture immediately to get started.

One excellent feature is the instant animation you see when selecting two images. From there, you can make changes. Most of the apps we tried need you to wait until the GIF is complete before the animation appears. Following that, you may choose a specific canvas size, trim your photo, add text and effects, change the lighting and colour saturation, add stickers and borders, and do a lot more.


GIPHY can be accessed online or through an app on an iPhone or Android device. It’s a quick and simple decision, either way. GIPHY is one of the largest collections of ready-made GIFs that you may use in your original works. Pick one of the ready-made GIFs, then choose the code to embed it or share the link with someone. Additionally, sharing it on social media is simple.

Create an account, upload your own photos, animate them, add text, stickers, subtitles, and filters if you want to make your own GIF. GIPHY is frequently considered as the top GIF generator online. Despite the crowded and distracting layout, it’s a solid option.

GIF Toaster

Another incredibly user-friendly GIF creator program is GIF Toaster. The first step is to choose a file, movie, photo, burst, live photo, timelapse, panorama, or pre-existing GIF. You only need to choose your media and start using the app.

The video’s frame rate, fit, direction, filters, a text banner, cropping, flipping, and other options are then available. The free version’s adverts are annoying and make it more difficult to use the program. While testing, we unintentionally clicked a couple adverts while attempting to access the menu.


Gifox is the answer if you want to use a screen capture program to make an animated GIF. The software only requires a quick setup on macOS, and it appears on the top toolbar. It is really simple to use. Simply click to capture your screen, then save and distribute the GIF. The primary function of this software is just screen capture; it does not offer as many sophisticated editing options as you may anticipate. If you like the app, you can buy it for $14.99.

GIF me

GIF Me is a different entertaining GIF creator app! Both Android and iOS support it. The commercial edition gives you even more possibilities to create professional GIFs for any reason, yet the free GIF maker tool also works excellent.

You may start filming using the camera on your phone shortly after installation, and you can then add filters, frames, captions, stickers, and more. Then, you can either save the GIF file on your device or export the URL. The user interface seems well-designed and simple. The free GIF maker app does a great job, but the subscription version has more features, including longer GIFs, no adverts, and no watermark on your GIFs.

GIF brewery

Another macOS-based GIF creator tool accessible to Apple users is GIF Brewery by Gyfcat. There isn’t a trial version available, though. The professional tool GIF Brewery is crammed with potent capabilities for uploading, capturing, live-recording, and editing video. The software includes expert editing features like cropping, image filters, image resizing, and various captions and overlays. When finished, sharing your file is simple to do. GIF Brewery might be worth a go if you don’t mind paying before you try.

Cinemagraph Pro

Another premium video editing program designed to produce polished content for marketing purposes is called Cinemagraph Pro. The editing capabilities are extensive, and it uses high-quality video files.

The UI is interesting and simple to use, and it comes with lots of presets to get you going. However, it can be a tad much for some users. When editing video, there is a learning curve that involves understanding frame rates and how to size your canvas. The tool produces beautiful films for a variety of business needs.

PhotoScape X

Although it also makes GIFs, PhotoScape X is more of a comprehensive photo editing program than a GIF producer. Therefore, this is a tool you should look into if you’re attempting to figure out how to optimize a picture, resize an image, or just look for an image resizer.

However, another choice can be preferable if you want to discover how to create a GIF. It has a classic Windows feel to it and is downloadable software, not truly an app. Having said that, it does contain a tonne of tools for altering photos, including filters, lighting effects, collages, cut-out features, and brushes.


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