Best Games Like Age Of Empires

On mobile devices, strategy games are standard. Age Of Empires is a fantastic example of this type of game, but it’s only available for PC. This fact prompted the top mobile game developers to produce analogs that are on par with the original game. Some of them even provide improved visuals, reassuring controls, and captivating gameplay. You will find the ideal game among these top Age of Empires alternatives for Android & iOS in 2023 if you wish to play your preferred genre.

Moreover, the medieval era is the focus of the video game Age of Empires. Try these top castle-building titles if you enjoy playing games set in this era.

Best Games Like Age Of Empires

1: Land of Empires: Immortal

A fantastic response has already been received for the recently released free game Land of Empires: Immortal. It will astound you with its fantastical genre and draw out the plot for a long time. Here, the conflict between good and evil takes place. A nice concept with the shifting of the conflict from greater powers to ordinary mortals.

the mysticism that makes you want to defeat evil powers and gives you chills. The brilliant notion of fortifying and strengthening a team of survivors. There are three types of soldiers, and the battle scenes mirror movie sequences.

Enjoy action-packed sequences of travelling, hunting for trophies, taking down a demon’s den, and saving refugees. Together with the freedom to engage in combat, there is also freedom to enhance the city and advance the agricultural industry.

2: Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

The second game in our list of Age of Empires alternatives transports you to a mythical realm where the evil Burning Legion is preparing to launch an assault on the living. In Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, despite how cunning, nasty, and powerful they may seem, surviving depends on planning. And four races—Night Elves, Undead, Orcs, and Humans—hold the key to your continued existence.

In addition to the vast selection of military troops these classes provide, each has its own special heroes that can be called upon to command the army into combat.

3: Age of Mythology

Like Age of Empires, one of the best Android games is Age of Mythology. This game’s spin-off series was created by Ensemble Studios based on legendary notions. Consider that you would prefer to play games that are more archaic than Age of Empires. The Age of Mythology is the finest option in that situation.

The video game Age of Mythology is set in a prehistoric society. Try out this new genre of strategy game for your Android or Macbook if you enjoy learning about Egyptian, Norse, and Greek myths and tales.

In this unique game, you can choose from one of three civilizations from the outset: Greek, Norse, or Egyptian. You are free to select any God, religion, or empire. You’ll look for more skills as you advance in your conflict with different foes. You may also be able to access minor deities.

4: Stronghold

The mediaeval era is the setting for the video game Stronghold. It incorporates gameplay aspects from both city builder and RTS genres. The main objective of this Firefly Studios game is to construct your castle by starting from nothing, managing it, and then defending it against waves of adversaries.

Together with these, you’ll also need to build an economy, manage armies, and devise ways to destroy opponents. You can also engage your pals online after honing your fighting techniques.

5: Starcraft 2

In the 26th century, Blizzard Entertainment created a game with a space theme. The current real-time strategy RTS game is the second Starcraft series. This is one of the top strategy games for Android that is based on galaxies. In addition, Starcraft 2 portrays a global struggle for life in which players must make difficult choices in order to stay alive and seize control of the planet.

Terran, Protoss, and Zerg species engaged in combat in this game. You can select one of these three species in Starcraft 2’s non-linear gameplay. You are in charge of resource management, building armies, empires, and cities, as well as conquering entire continents. As a result, you can play this game and finish the three tasks to advance the plot.

6: Abyss of Empires: The Mythology

A lot of people are playing the game Abyss of Empires: The Mythology. You will be thrust into the evolution of military operations here. Making choices about the bolstering and strengthening of the domains will be important. The crusades are pushed by the ruler’s tactical and economic judgements.

The emperor and your abilities to control your realm have been upgraded. resulting in the chance to be a more powerful and effective leader. Those that are good at communicating can stay in touch with others all over the world.

It is free to establish a kingdom. Dragons can also have an impact on how the war turns out. They must battle and use all of their abilities and tactics to claim the throne. The heroes from history you will face in combat are the focus of our attention.

7: Empire: Rising Civilizations

The free-to-play game Empire: Rising Civilizations has a wonderful visual aesthetic. You will learn about the architecture of a full kingdom here. You’ll employ methods that enable powerful knights to conquer lands. The map’s captivating mediaeval design draws you in and transports you to this period.

It astounds with its enormous number of settings that will have an impact on how the conflict plays out. The innovative technology system that enables you to accomplish your objectives in a short amount of time is also impressive.

You can only learn about the various causes and actions that can impact the state of the battle by fully engrossing yourself in the game. There are accessories that improve the performance of your attack, defence, and leadership.

8: Anno Online

In search of free online strategy games similar to Age of Empires? The best video game produced by Ubisoft is Anno Online. In this game, you must build new cities to expand your nation. In the Age of Empire simulation game Anno Online, you control the economy.

Also, there are added elements such maintaining trade, exploration, economic processes, and combat. As a result, you can create a brand-new environment while defending your adversaries. For your Android or iOS device, you can also get this game from Amazon, Steam, or the App Store.


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