Employee Goal Setting Software

Goal setting software is a specialist application made to assist staff in setting objectives, monitoring their progress, and identifying areas for growth. The online goal-setting tool manages virtually every aspect of goal-planning, from goal-setting to monitoring, saving time for both employees and managers. Employee goal setting tools can increase employee engagement and prevent business stagnation due to employee goals that are not in line with organizational goals. This software also eliminates the need to manage papers, which is a benefit.

What Is Goal setting? 

Setting goals involves figuring out what your company requires and the desired results. When developing goals, it’s common to start by establishing those that apply to the entire organization before moving on to those that apply to the individual employees.

Best Employee Goal Setting Software


Want to create a staff that is highly engaged, focused, and motivated? Look nowhere else. The top employee goal-setting tool, Trakstar, enables you to define SMART objectives for your team and seamlessly monitor their progress. Real-time data on your employee’s progress allows you to give them evidence-based feedback, which is one of the major benefits of choosing Trakstar as your employee goals software.

Quantum Workplace

A software program for managing staff goals called Quantum Workplace turns objectives into enjoyable activities all year long. Quantum Workplace provides more than 8700 enterprises with direct access to employee feedback through pulse surveys and real-time insights. Because the system uses several measures, various goals are tracked using various metrics. Quantum provides employees with a comprehensive perspective of cross-functional teams so that the entire organization can collaborate rather than working in segregated structures. Namely, Workday, ADP, and other programs are all integrated into the software.


Lattice is a market-leading goal planning and monitoring tool that seamlessly integrates organizational objectives (OKR) and employee routines so that employees can continue to exceed organizational goals. The managers and executives have the opportunity to monitor progress regularly in real-time and pinpoint the areas that require improvement. Leading third-party applications like Jira, Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams are all integrated into the system. Reddit, Slack, Monzo, Asana, and many other companies rely on Lattice for goal setting.


Are you a mid-sized business searching for goal-tracking and performance management software? Then, PerformYard’s goal-setting software is a great method to switch from your present pen and paper performance management. The business takes pleasure in having a wide range of features, including client feedback, annual evaluations, and continual feedback.


Making staff goal-setting and performance evaluation as simple as possible is AssessTEAM’s one and only mission statement. The employee goal-setting software has already processed over 2 million assessments from 79 different nations. Organizations can fully customize the system to suit their preferences. Additionally, the program interfaces with over 200 third-party solutions, including Microsoft 365, Google Suite, and Zoho.


Engagedly, a top-notch goal-setting tool, synchronises workers’ job goals with strategic business objectives. Engagedly is built around the ideas of KPI, OKR, and continuous feedback to track goals. Engagedly prioritizes enhancing the work experience as opposed to other online goal-setting technologies. It encourages constant communication between managers and teams for goal-tracking and continual improvement. This software’s usage of gamification concepts and social recognition to keep employees motivated and concentrated on end goals is one of its special benefits.


The goal-setting, goal-alignment, and goal-tracking functionality of IntelliHR’s employee goal management software is intended for use by HR, leaders, and managers. The system enables you to consolidate crucial data in one location to acquire a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on. On the other hand, the employees have tools at their disposal to self-manage their objectives and share their progress as they go. An HRIS is already included with the software.


Software for defining and tracking goals in the cloud called Synergita helps thriving businesses achieve their objectives. Employee engagement, goal monitoring, development, awards, and recognition are all connected in one place via the program. The Hipo rating, one of the software’s distinctive characteristics, enables businesses to identify and keep high-performing workers. Based on industry standards, the entire system is adaptable and quickly adjusts to the needs of the business.

Zimyo Performance

Zimyo is a user-friendly goal-planning and monitoring tool that enables businesses to assess the entire performance of their workforce. It now works with over 500 businesses and has more than 100,000 active users. Zimyo is popular among businesses all around the world since it is simple to convert to. Users also mentioned how simple it was to set up complicated processes. The automation tools enable managers to keep track of goals while saving up to 80% of their time. A bilingual mobile app is included with Zimyo to improve the employee experience.


A goal-setting and performance-monitoring tool for organizational continuous performance improvement is BizMerlinHR. The program offers several capabilities to aid with employee concentration and is most suitable for midsized and large businesses. It connects with more than 100 programs, including JIRA, Slack, QuickBooks, and numerous others. The fact that this program is all-inclusive, or that all functions are offered in one location is its best feature. Obtain a visual representation of the person or team that is focusing on a particular objective.


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