Best Calendar Apps

A decent calendar app should offer extra features to enhance your life and efficiency and keep you on schedule and organized. Along with dependability and seamless integration, it doesn’t hurt to include an attractive appearance and easy operation.

We’ve put up a list of the top calendar apps for 2022 to help you stay on schedule and organized. For most of us, staying organized and on schedule is of utmost importance.

Best Calendar Apps

Fantastical 3

Many iPhone users love the calendar app Fantastical 3. It syncs smoothly with all of your devices, including Apple Watch, and was designed from the bottom up to support iOS. It has a variety of views, looks fantastic on all screens, and even has a dark mode.

There are just two drawbacks to this calendar software. The first is that it is somewhat expensive ($50 per Mac). For the Mac, a trial version is available, however all iOS versions are exclusively available for purchase ($5 per device). Sorry, but this software only runs on iOS; sorry, Android and Windows people.

Google Calendar

With good reason, the Google calendar app frequently appears in top reviews. All Android and web-based platforms can sync using the reliable Google platform. The best thing about this calendar is that there are never any fees or subscription costs.

On both iOS and Android, it performs flawlessly. The schedule view is very well-made and simple to understand, with events separated by adorable artwork. This calendar app’s drawback is that some users have had trouble synchronising between devices, and reminders and notifications haven’t worked.

Cozi Calendar

Without a doubt, the finest shared calendar app for families is Cozi Calendar. Multiple busy schedules can be daunting and tough to keep track of. Because everyone is color-coded and all of the members’ appointments, events, and schedules are kept in one location, Cozi Calendar makes it simple.

The web, Android, iOS, and Windows platforms are all compatible with this treasure. Cozi is free to use and made with families in mind. As a result, it is not a good fit for use in businesses or with collaborative teams. The program contains advertising, but you may remove them by paying $29.99 annually. is a task-list and planning software in addition to a calendar app. has a robust free calendar edition, but customers can access the commercial features for just $2.99/month. It’s a joy to use on mobile devices thanks to the straightforward layout. Add events, notes, and tasks in a matter of seconds. This software was obviously made to function effectively on small displays.

The app’s minimalistic style and small letters can turn off some users. For access to more themes and the ability to alter views, you can always upgrade to the pro version. Voice commands cannot be used since Siri integration is not yet available.


They refer to 24me as a virtual assistant, but it is really an upscale version of the Apple calendar. This special service integrates with several other calendars, including Exchange, Google Calendar, iCloud, and others. To keep you organized and productive, 24me incorporates common objects like tasks, notes, and events.

Although the sound effects may be turned off, the navigation takes a little getting accustomed to. This software can even notify you about things like traffic delays and severe weather. It has everything covered.

Final Words

Overall, all of the calendar apps we tested were effective at setting up appointments, meetings, and reminders in a user-friendly design with a few extras thrown in for good measure.

Fantastical 2 is our all-time favorite app since it has the most appealing design and practical functionality. It looks fantastic on the Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch, but Android and Windows users won’t be able to use it. Google Calendar is the best option if you want a calendar app that functions flawlessly on all platforms and has the best functionality and aesthetic. It truly boils down to personal preference and what appeals to you because the majority of us use our calendar app more than any other.


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