Best anime in 2022

In 2022, there are going to be a lot of new and interesting anime shows. In the next few months, there will be a lot of new releases that everyone will be excited about. There will be new seasons of epic shows, new versions of well-known and popular manga, and much new anime for us to enjoy!

Last year, we had to deal with the terrible events of 2020. In 2022, we can start over. And the best possible way to do that is to have something to look forward to. Here are the top 10 Best anime in 2022:

1: Spy X Family

Spy x Family

Spy X Family has become a huge hit in the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. A good anime should have action, comedy, and a new family. This story has all of those things.

There is a war of information going on behind closed doors in this world. There has been a cold war between Ostania and Westalis for a long time. Also, read full details about Moon Knight.

Spy X Family Release Date: April 2022

2: My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress Up Darling

My Dress-Up game Darling has only been out for a short time, but already has a lot of fans. Many people are comparing its sudden rise to Kaguya Sama: Love is War, and they’re betting on whether it can beat the other one.

Wakana Gojou is a high school student who wants to be a Kashirashi, or a master craftsman of traditional Japanese Hina dolls. The story is about her. However, after a childhood friend made fun of him, he doesn’t talk about his love of music. When Marin Kitagawa was popular and beautiful, she almost looked like an alien. Now, as a loner who spends time in the home ec room at school, she almost looks like an alien. But when Marin sees Wakana sewing after school, she comes right in and tries to get him to join her in cosplay. Wakana and Marin’s worlds come together when they find out each other’s secrets.

3: Blue Lock

Blue Lock

A lot of people think that Blue Lock is the anime that sports fans are most excited about. The story takes place after Japan’s team lost a humiliating match at the 2018 World Cup. They are having a hard time getting back on their feet. The only way to win is to raise an Ace Striker, who is the best of the best.

In order to make this happen, the Japanese Football Association hires Jinpachi Ego, who is very different from other coaches. He creates the Blue Lock, a prison-like institution where three hundred great strikers from high schools all over Japan are separated and pitted against each other. The only person who survives Blue Lock will be able to play striker for the national team. People who are eliminated will not be able to play for the team again.

4: Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is without a doubt the most-anticipated anime that will come out in 2022. In fact, the show hasn’t come out yet, but it’s already trending every day, and the manga has sold out almost everywhere. With Chainsaw Man made by MAPPA, it’s likely to be as good as or even better than Jujutsu Kaisen, which is made by MAPPA.

This is a story about a person who hunts Devils, and the main character is someone who does the same thing. No, I don’t want to do that. He wants to live a happy and peaceful life with someone who makes him happy. But the Yakuza wants him to pay them back by hunting down violent and murderous Devils, which he does with his pet devil, Pochita.

5: Uzumaki


There are a lot of horror fans out there, and 2022 is going to be good for them. This is the first time Junjo Ito’s classic horror manga, Uzumaki, has been turned into a four-episode mini anime series.

There are stories in Uzumaki about a small village that gets crazy because of a spiral. Though it doesn’t look scary at first, it’s a psychological thriller that creeps under your skin and haunts your dreams. Also, read about Pam & Tommy.

Uzumaki Release Date: October 2022

6: Tomodachi Game

Tomodachi Game

Most psychological thrillers like Alice in Borderland, Kurosagi, and Liar Game are only made into dramas. If you’re a fan of survival, death game-themed TV shows, you won’t be surprised to hear that Tomodachi Game is getting an anime.

The story is about Katagiri Yuichi, a high school student who saves up enough money to go with his friends on a school trip. He did this to keep a promise he made to them. A lot of people start to suspect two of Yuuichi’s friends when the money goes missing for no reason. When no one comes forward, they take the blame for not protecting the money, even though they were not guilty.

Tomodachi Game Release Date: April 2022

7: Orient


Orient is about Musashi, a teenager who lives in a world run by demons, and how he deals with them. The two of them made a deal when they were young. They wanted to become the best warrior in the world and defeat the demons, so they agreed to do it together. Unfortunately, as these kids get older, their promise as little kids is almost lost, and they don’t live up to it. Kojirou becomes cynical, and Musashi realizes that overturning a world ruled by demons is almost not possible at all.

In other words, even though Musashi is about to start working, he can’t shake the feeling that he still has a duty to make this world a better place. He and his childhood friend Kojirou go into the unknown world of demons together. They want to get rid of them and restore the samurai’s reputation, which has been tarnished by them.

Orient Release Date: January 5, 2022

8: The Eminence in Shadow

The Eminence in Shadow

It’s finally time for the first new isekai series of 2022, The Eminence in Shadow, to start. Unlike other people, Cid didn’t want to be a hero or a boss even in his dreams. The story is about him. When it is about being an important part of the movie, he would rather be an unimportant side character who actually pulls the strings from behind or a true mastermind who lives in the dark.

To live out his dream, Cid needs to be born again in another world. As a joke, he makes up an organization called Shadow Garden that is supposed to take down a fictitious cult and start recruiting people to join. Everyone else knows the truth but him. He doesn’t know that this imaginary cult is real.

9: Love of Kill

Love of Kill

Chateau Dankworth is a bounty hunter. and he is hired to kill Son Ryang-ha, a good professional hitman who has been known for killing 18 people in one night. During their first meeting, Ryang-ha overpowers Chateau and reveals that he wants to get into Chateau’s heart.

In the criminal underworld, these two killers end up meeting, and romance starts to grow between the two. Son Ryang-ha is trying to get Chateau’s attention in very weird ways, and the story so far has been very interesting.

Love of Kill Release Date: 12th January 2022

10: Aoashi


If you like sports anime, 2021 wasn’t the best year for them. However, there are many great ones coming out in 2022, starting with Aoashi.

In Aoashi, Ashito Aoi, a third-grader in middle school, is the main character. She lives in a small town in Japan. Having Ashito go to a good high school with a good soccer team isn’t going to happen anymore. He leads his team to a loss in a tournament by himself. When Ashito is a “J Youth League” coach, Tatsuya Fukuda, says that Ashito has a lot of promise, luck smiles down on him.

Finally, we have a sports show that doesn’t happen in high school! Aoashi shows how difficult it is to play in the J-League, but he focuses more on player development and game tactics. This anime isn’t as flashy as most shounen sports shows, but it still has a lot of fun and is more realistic. People should add Aoashi to their watch list because it’s one of the best soccer shows out there.

Aoashi Release Date: April 2022


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