Attack on Titan Season 4

A new episode of Attack on Titan has been released every week for the last month or so. This is very frustrating and to say the least. After a day, we’re all looking forward to the next episode. The last one kept us on our toes.

If you want to find out everything we know about the next episode of AOT, check this out!

When Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 7 is Coming Out?

The 7th episode of the finale of AOT will air on Sunday, February 20th, at 12:45 PM (Pacific Time). On Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation, the episode will be available to stream at the same time at 12:45 PM on the same day it airs (PT). Here are the best times for other time zones:

Australia Time: 7:15 AM – February 21, 2022.
British Time: 8:45 PM – February 20, 2022.
Central Time: 2:45 PM – February 20, 2022.
Eastern Time: 3:45 PM – February 20, 2022.
European Time: 9:45 PM – February 20, 2022.
Indian Time: 2:15 AM – February 21, 2022.
Philippine Time: 4:45 AM – February 21, 2022.
Pacific Time: 12:45 PM – February 20, 2022.

How Many Episodes Left In Attack on Titan Final Season?

AOT Season 4 Part 2 will be about 12 episodes long, according to reports. In the sixth episode, we have about five episodes left in the last season, with a few exceptions.

During this arc, the manga had 33 chapters that were made into six episodes. 19 of them were made into six episodes. Because we could use more AOT content, it’s a shame that the last 14 chapters won’t take us more than four or five episodes to finish. Also, read full details about Moon Knight.

AOT Season 4 Part 2 Episode 7 Summary

Annie and Hitch get back together and leave the Stohess District after all of the titan armour is broken. She tells Hitch about her adoptive father and why she has to go back to see him. Hitch fears that by the time she gets home, there will be only rumbles and dead bodies left.

Jean, Mikasa, and the rest of the people in Shiganshina District are trying to deal with the aftermath of the fight there, but it is hard.

Gabi doesn’t trust Armin, so he goes with her to rescue Falco from Connie. If Gabi trusts Armin, Reiner and Pieck might help him. Armin thinks they are still out there. Also, read about Pam & Tommy.

During the fight, Mikasa asks Armin what she should do and if Eren will be okay. Armin snaps and tells her that they’re no longer in a place to worry about Eren. He quickly regrets what he did and apologises to her. They can’t help themselves, and he says that Erwin would have done a better job than he was.


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