Best AsuraScans Alternatives
Best AsuraScans Alternatives

What is AsuraScans?

AsuraScans is the ideal site to read comics online. It features a massive selection of comics from many genres and is constantly adding new books to our library. So whether you enjoy action-adventure, slice-of-life, or superheroes, It is committed to giving our readers the best in manga and comics. You will discover all about it in this article.
This non-profit website offers free scans of popular anime series and comic books. Numerous titles and the heads of various people can be read by the software. It is also cost-free. It not only provides free comics but also functions admirably as a game platform.
You can download and watch free episodes of well-known television shows on your smartphone. Asura Scans has free episodes for all of your favorite topics.


  • A simple, intuitive UI
  • A broad selection of comics in several genres
  • There are regularly added new titles.
  • Anyone can use it because it is open-source and free.
  • AsuraScans is an entirely open-source and accessible platform.
  • Supports the languages of English and Turkish, and is working on adding more in the future
  • There are several categories on the website, including “Latest updates,” “Popular Comics,” and “Genres.”
  • The AsuraScans group collaborates to scanlate (translate from Japanese to English) comics.


  • This software is perfect for you if you like comic books and would like to read some free content.
  • There is no cost to watch the comics made available by this program because it is free to download and use.
  • Only manga magazine subscriptions like Weekly Jump and Weekly Young Jump (which cost around $5 per issue) require a financial outlay.
  • Finally, there are no additional costs related to this application.
  • You may also download this app to your phone if you want to.
  • Barcodes can be scanned to avoid repeatedly writing out titles by hand or sifting through long lists of items to get what they’re looking for.
  • Before making any adjustments, a person might test out a feature on their Smartphone if they are unsure how to use it.


  • The best app for reading manga, comics, or magazines is not this one.
  • There are several advertisements, and navigating the site might be challenging.
  • You cannot download your chosen content with this app on a tablet or phone.
  • For viewing manga comics, many people utilize the software Asura Scans.
  • The app is a well-known manga comics application. It is a manga reader software with a large selection of manga comics. You may browse through all of your favorite comics on your smartphone with the aid of this wonderful program, which is quite easy to use.
  • Additionally, since the app is accessible in an Android version that anyone can easily download and install on their Android tablet or Smartphone using the APK file management software, users will find it easier to download and install the application on their device.
  • With no registration required, the app offers free access to more than 600 000 comics. iOS and Windows PC/Laptop/Tablet devices are compatible.

10 Best AsuraScans Alternatives

1. Mangainn:


Mangainn is the ideal option if you are a beginner and are unsure where to start reading manga comics. Despite its straightforward user interface, you will like reading on this top AsuraScans substitute website. You could read nonstop for days. You will love your time here; the quality and collection are superb.

2. Honto:


Honto is ranked second on our list of the best alternatives. Due to its popularity among local Japanese manga fans, Honto is ranked second on our list of the top alternatives. It offers a variety of manga volumes in a number of well-known genres. Finding your favorite manga comic is also made easier by Honto’s user-friendly design.
But shockingly few manga books are accessible in languages other than English. All manga comics are accessible for free reading on Honto. Honto offers an interactive experience on their website.

3. MangaKisa:


When reading manga online, Mangakisa is an alternative to AsuraScans that doesn’t display advertisements. So they won’t distract you while reading manga. It is made possible by crowdfunding. You may read many mangas on our all-in-one manga reader website daily in HD resolution.
One of the top manga platforms is Mangakisa, which includes a wealth of additional features, user interfaces, and services. Mangakisa is a website that offers more than simply manga reading. You may also watch anime on it.

4. AnimePlanet:


AnimePlanet is another alternative for reading your preferred manga comics. It has a wide selection of manga, and the website’s material is frequently updated. This website also lets you watch your select anime programs in addition to manga. The website has a straightforward user interface.
You don’t need to sign up to read your favorite manga or watch your favorite anime. There are no pop-up ads on the website’s free content. Any platform can access AnimePlanet. You ought to give it a go.

5. MangaEden:


MangaEden is the AsuraScans stand-in for the second-place team. Manga enthusiasts will love this website, however there isn’t much variation in the genres that are offered. The most recent things are frequently added to the collection.
The straightforward UI makes it simple to use. Even though visiting the website is free, access to some services requires registration. There are no intrusive advertisements, and you may view it from any platform.

6. MangaHere:


MangaHere offers yet another fantastic option for AsuraScans. The website provides a wide range of comics that have been intelligently arranged into genres, such as romance, action, humour, the supernatural, and more. It regularly updates its database. The web page is welcoming.
You can also use the search button to find your favorite manga, and the “Manga Spoilers & News” button gives you access to the most recent manga news and information.
The user interface is simple.

7. MangaReader:


MangaReader is another choice for reading your favorite manga. MnagaReader resembles Mangago in many ways. It has the normal, regularly updated manga comic collection. Additionally, you can use it to view your favorite anime series. Since the two websites are identical, the user interface is analogous to AsuraScans.
The website is inappropriate for youngsters because it has some mature content. The website could be annoying due to the persistent pop-up advertisements. An Android app that you can install can be downloaded from the website. MangaReader is available on many different platforms.

8. MangaKakalot:


An alternative to AsuraScans is MangaKakalot. It is a typical website with straightforward navigation. The website offers a wide variety of comics. You can use it to find the manga you want. Even for younger users, the website’s user experience is highly welcoming. This website is free of bugs and problems. It is cost-free and accessible across all platforms.

9. MangaFox:


One of the top AsuraScans substitutes is MangaFox. You’ll be able to meet your craving for manga comics. Unfortunately, because MangaFox has become so well-known and popular with its audience, several fake MangaFox websites are out there. Orange, black, and white make up MangaFox’s original color palette. It’s been used on The adaptive zoom option makes it a very user-friendly website for your comics and offers a great reading experience.

10. Comixology:


Comixology is a cloud-hosted substitute for AsuraScans. More than a lakh comics are available for you to peruse. The application is available for download and use on Kindle, iOS, Android, and Windows computers.
The website was launched in 2007, and acquired it in 2014. The website Comixology is now managed by Amazon. On the internet, you may get a huge selection of comics, including manga from China, the US, and Korea. The website’s substance isn’t as upscale as its appearance.


First published in Japan, Manga comic books have become a multibillion-dollar industry worldwide. Even though there are several websites and online E-Book retailers devoted to manga comics, Asura Scans is the first and biggest. We have informed you about Asura Scans and the top alternatives in this blog.


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