Apple Launches Fitness+

Recently, Apple announced the launch of Fitness+ on December 14th, which is the all new first fitness experience built around the Apple watch. Apple Fitness+ was announced at the Apple event, but its launch date was not disclosed. However, now the company has informed people about the launch date, which is in the coming week. 

Apple Fitness+ is a feature that brings studio-style workouts for the Apple product users, which will allow people to have an enhanced and personalized experience. The new feature is also coming to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Apple Fitness+ meticulously incorporates the Apple Watch’s workout metrics, which gives an immersive experience to the users. People can complete their workouts wherever and whenever they want, entirely at their own convenience. 

Apple Fitness+ will come with the ten most popular types of workout, which include Yoga, HIIT (high-intensity interval workout), core, dance, treadmill, strength, cycling, cooldown, and rowing. All these workouts will be led by a professional team of trainers. Moreover, the workouts included in Fitness+ are fueled up by popular music, which will keep the users motivated from the beginning of the workout till the end. 

Jay Blahnik, Apple’s Senior Director of Fitness, said:

“Being more active is one of the most important things we can do for our health, but we know choosing to work out can often be a challenge whether you’re very active or just getting started”

The all-new Apple Fitness+ feature flawlessly integrates the user’s personal metrics from Apple watch in order to inspire them. It animates the users onto the screen during key moments, which provides them with a more customized, engaging, and personalized experience. This also helps the users to stay focused and motivated. For example, when the trainer on the screen asks to check heart rate, the metrics related to heart rate are highlighted automatically. 

What makes Apple Fitness+ unique is its integration with the Apple watch, simplicity of locating great workouts, motivating music, ability to workout anywhere and anytime, and fitness for all. Every week Fitness+ will deliver new content for all the workout categories with a huge variety of time, music, and trainers. The majority of the workouts require no equipment. Moreover, Fitness+ has an activity sharing feature which will allow users to share their completed workouts with friends and family. Users can also share their favorite workouts on their social media handles. 

On Monday, December 14th, Apple Fitness+ will be available. It requires iOS 14.3, WatchOS 7.3, iPadOS 14.3 and TvOS 14.3. Apple Fitness+ comes with a standalone subscription of 9.99 USD per month or 79.99 USD per year. The subscription of Fitness+ can be shared with up to 6 family members, which makes it easier for the people in the household to enjoy at the same price. Customers who will purchase Apple Series 3 or later models will get three months of Apple Fitness+, and the users who already own Apple Watch will have one month of access. For now, it will be available in Australia, New Zealand, the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland. 


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