Apple’s iPhone has always remained to be one of the Apple’s best selling products. Other products of the company have been performing well too, but iPhone has always topped the list. There has been a recent report by Canalys, it was noted that in the last quarter of 2020, Apple shipped 26.4 million units of Macbooks and iPads. The total goes up to 81.4 million for the year 2020 for the shipment of Macbooks and iPads.

According to Apple, the sales of iPad are high. This is because there is a rise in the demand of iPads by people. The total revenue generated from the sales of iPad went to $8.4 billion in the first quarter of 2021 which is higher as compared to the same quarter of last year. Last year, i.e. 2020, Apple generated $6 billion of revenue from the total sales of iPad. The majority of the rise seen in the demand of iPads and Macbooks resulted due to the increased trend of online classes and work from home phenomenon. During the COVID times, Apple also introduced educational deals in order to provide students with a convenient yet price friendly bundle.

Not only iPad, even the sale of Macbooks also helped Apple to generate a good amount of revenue. The total revenue generated as a result of Macbook sales was $8.7 billion. This amount is generated in the first quarter of 2021. In the last quarter of 2020, the sales of Macbooks totalled to almost $9 billion.

According to Luca Maestri, the Apple’s CFO:

“Our December quarter business performance was fuelled by double-digit growth in each product category, which drove all-time revenue records in each of our geographic segments and an all-time high for our installed base of active devices”

In November 2020, Apple launched its own silicone processor for Macbooks and the M1 chips have had a great impact on the sales of these devices. Therefore, as a result of COVID and increased trend of work from home and home schooling, Apple was able to sell more iPads and Macbooks than ever.


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