iPhone 9-inch Foldable

Apple may be Going to Launch a foldable smartphone. Ming-Chi Kuo shared this news on Twitter. Kuo said in his tweet that apple will test 9-inch foldable mobile soon and it is available on both iPad and iPhones.

This device is being used to test and assess critical technologies for Apple’s foldable technology, although its specifications have not been finalized. According to the tweet, Apple’s foldable iPhone is may appear in 2025.

According to Kuo, the company would first focus on a medium-sized foldable gadget, which will be followed by larger-screen devices. The design will then be scaled down to smaller devices, similar to the iPhone.

Apple’s foldable technology might be available as early as 2024, according to the expert. However, in light of recent events, Kuo has changed his forecast to 2025 at the earliest. He went on to say that Apple’s first foldable gadget may be either a combination of iPhone and iPad or a folding iPad alone.


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