Apple delays the launch of its silicon powered iMac until October 2021. The rumor suggests that the new silicon powered desktop iMac range of Apple will be delayed till October 2021. Initially, according to the rumors, the arrival of these iMacs was expected in March 2021.

Reportedly, Apple is planning a major redesign of iMacs, their desktop computer range. The iMac range of desktop computers was first introduced by Apple in the year 2012. However, the design remains unchanged since 2012. Other than the iMacs, Apple has changed designs of all its products like iPhone, Macbook, and iWatch. People have been noticing this since many years now. Now, thanks to the new Apple M1 Chip due to which there is a major redesigning of iMacs going on.

According to several reports, Apple will be slimming down their desktop computers by introducing flat back rather than the current curved design. This will be possible as Apple will be using silicone processors.

According to Bloomberg, previously because of the Intel-powered systems, Apple was not able to play much with the design of iMacs. As a result of using silicone processors and M1 chips this time, Apple is free to make changes in the design. The redesigning of iMacs will be one of the greatest visual changes in comparison to any other Apple product this year.

Other than this, Apple is also working on a new pair of Mac Pro desktop computers which is the company’s priciest model of Mac that comes without a screen according to people. However, with the new iMac designs with new silicone processors, the price will also increase.


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