whatsapp new feature

WhatsApp announced that users would soon be able to transmit disappearing photographs and videos, adding that the feature will be available to everyone this week. Anyone who uses the Facebook-owned messaging app can share a photo or video in “see once” mode, which allows for only one viewing before the media becomes poof. When you share media with the option to “see once,” it will appear as if it has been opened after the intended audience has taken a look.

The new feature, according to the firm, might be useful for a variety of purposes other than transmitting nudes, such as sharing a snapshot of some clothes you tried on or giving someone your wifi password. The firm reminds you in the tiny print that just because the photographs or video will vanish doesn’t mean someone won’t take a screenshot (and you won’t know if they do).

Facebook claims the new tool is a step toward giving users “even greater control over their privacy,” a theme the corporation has been singing since Mark Zuckerberg announced a new “privacy-focused vision” for the firm in 2019. Since then, Facebook has made a few moves to give users more control over their online privacy, including as streamlining audience controls in its core app and enabling vanishing messages in WhatsApp.

In addition, the business has made a great deal about adding end-to-end encryption to its entire suite of messaging services, which it hopes to make compatible in the future. Although WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption by default in 2016, the similar privacy measure for Messenger and Instagram may still be years away.


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