Idgo com activation will be explained in this blog post. For IDGO, also known as Examination Discovery GO, to stream video on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV, it must be activated via the website. We’ll walk you through the process of using an activate code to get IDGO to function on your device.

What is Idgo?

With the help of the video streaming software IDGO, you can watch entire episodes of TV shows, truncated episodes, award-winning documentaries, and a wide range of other short movies.

How to Activate

How To Activate on Roku Device?

You must install, download, and activate the IDGO program on Roku by going to in order to enjoy Investigation Discovery GO on a large screen. See also Windows 10 sticky notes. The following steps will help you download and set up IDGO on your Roku device:

  • Use the push-button control on your Roku to turn it on and navigate to your home page.
  • To access the Roku Channel Store, click on “Streaming Channels.”
  • Find out where the Investigation Discovery Go channel is available.
  • Enter “Investigation Discovery GO” in the search bar if you can’t locate it.
  • To add a channel to your Roku channel list, click the “+ Add Channel” button.
  • Start the app with the Roku remote control.
  • To sign in, you must enter your IDGO login credentials (email and password) on the sign-in page.
  • Your screen will display a special activation code after you sign in.
  • Use your phone or computer to access, the official IDGO activation page, after writing down the special code.
  • Enter the activation code you noted down in advance when prompted.
  • Select “ACTIVATE” after accurately inputting the code.
  • Once you’ve entered the code, click “Activate.”

How To Activate on Amazon Fire TV/Firestick?

There are a few ways to activate the IDGo channel on your Amazon Fire TV device using the HTTP / code.

  • Check out the Amazon App Store. You can access the Amazon App Store after turning off the Amazon Fire TV.
  • Find the Investigation Discovery GO channel by searching for it.
  • The channel will appear on the display when you type its name into the search box.
  • Install the program on your Amazon Fire TV after downloading it.
  • After installing the program, you will be directed to the sign-in screen, where you must log in to IDGO.
  • Enter your IDGO account using the credentials provided by your TV provider.
  • When you successfully log in, your TV will display a special code.
  • Open a web browser on your phone or PC.
  • Visit or
  • After keying the activation code into the box and selecting “ACTIVATE,” click.
  • Watching IDGO material on Fire television is easy after activation.

How To Activate on Apple TV?

  • To stream the IDGO programs you enjoy the most, follow these instructions:
  • To use the software, launch it on your Apple device and browse to the App Store.
  • Find the IDGO app inside the app.
  • When you find the app, select the same option to download it to your Apple device.
  • Then launch the program.
  • You will be directed to the Investigation Discover Go sign-in page by the app.
  • To access Your IDGO account, use these login details.
  • Obtain a special activation code.
  • Enter or into the URL bar of your preferred web browser.
  • To enable the Investigation Discovery Go app on your smartphone, input the activation code when prompted.
  • To the “Activate” button, click on it.

How To Activate on Android TV?

Are you seeking straightforward directions on how to activate IDGO for Android TV via the primary activation page at Review these fundamental concepts:

  • The Android TV must be turned on as the first television.
  • Then proceed to the Google Play Store.
  • Find the “IDGO Channel” app using the Search option.
  • You can select “Download” and then “Install” on your Android TV after you find the app.
  • Open the IDGO Channel on your device now.
  • Then, you could be required to enter the appropriate data, like your username and password, to log in to your IDGO account.
  • The screen will display the special activation code for your device.
  • Go to in the web browser on your PC or mobile device.
  • Fill up the box with the special code.
  • Tap “Activate” to complete the process. After that, your device is prepared to begin streaming your preferred IDGO shows.
  • Videos from Investigation Discovery can be streamed. You should switch on your Android TV once it has been activated.


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