What is 4Anime?

4anime is a new anime streaming platform that is rapidly gaining popularity. 4anime is noted for delivering comprehensive coverage of current events, allowing consumers to keep up with their favorite shows. It also has an extensive back catalog of subtitled, and English dubbed content.

Some TV shows are accessible in full 1080p HD, while others are only available in SD. Most offer a variety of streaming resolutions, allowing users to choose between quality and speed/data usage based on their internet connection.

You may filter by a surprising number of categories, including genre, release date, and quality, explore the most popular titles and utilize the website’s search engine to find show titles.


  • Content of exceptional quality
  • There is no need to download anything.
  • Assist you in saving money on entertainment.
  • You’ll have unrestricted access to your favorite anime series.


  • Provides video for free without the need for a subscription or log in.
  • To experience uninterrupted viewing, use a fast and efficient streaming service.
  • Provides material without the use of obnoxious advertisements or pop-ups.
  • It gives a handy way to watch online streaming material.
  • It allows you to watch the most recent episode you viewed and have the next episode automatically play.
  • You can easily download episodes to watch whenever and wherever you choose.


  • Not regarded as a legitimate online source of anime content.
  • There are advertisements on this page.
  • Depending on the Internet connection, low-resolution videos may be streamed on occasion.
  • Due to a variety of circumstances, some people are unable to work.

11Best 4Anime Alternatives To Watch Anime Free Online

1. AnimePahe:


AnimePahe is a tremendous free anime streaming service for all anime fans because it offers a large selection of English subtitled or English dubbed anime and other languages. The website’s design is well-organized when watching movies, resulting in an excellent interface and user experience with minimum advertising. The site also has a search feature to help you find the anime you’re looking for.

2. AnimeRush:


AnimeRush.tv is one of the top 4Anime substitutes for free online anime viewing. It’s the most acceptable location to watch anime at home or on the go. Videos are available in a variety of formats and are completely free. It gives you access to hundreds of anime series with over 40 000 episodes to watch online. AnimeRush is a free anime streaming service where you can watch HD subtitled and dubbed anime programs.

3. MyAnimeList:


MyAnimeList is one of the top 4Anime substitutes for free anime streaming. It is the best ad-free anime streaming site available. The site’s user interface has made it quite popular among users. It provides viewers with various alternatives for searching for their favorite anime shows. It also gives a brief synopsis of the show. It will also display the series’ rating, popularity, reviews, characters, and other information. You may also watch your favorite anime shows in HD video with English subtitles.

4. AnimeVibe:


AnimeVibe is an excellent alternative to 4Anime for watching anime for free online. It’s a fantastic online anime streaming platform with thousands of episodes and a thriving Discord community dedicated to all things related to Japanese culture. Because there aren’t many adverts on the site, it shouldn’t be challenging to use even without adblocking software on a mobile device.

5. 7Anime:

7 Anime

7Anime is one of the top 4Anime substitutes for free online anime viewing. It is a website that allows people to watch anime for free. The site has many anime series and movies to choose from, and new content is added constantly. 7anime provides viewers with information about each episode and film, including plot summaries, character profiles, ratings, and streaming.

6. AniWatch:


AniWatch, like 4Anime, is a great place to watch anime for free online. It’s a website where you can watch manga and anime in high definition. It has a simple, responsive interface that allows you to see the site on any device easily. The site has an extensive library with over 1,800 anime shows and 27,000 episodes available in various quality options such as 1080p, 720p, and 480p. The subtitles option can help you understand anime with audio in languages other than English.

7. KissAnime:


KissAnime, like 4Anime, is a great place to watch anime for free online. It’s one of the most well-known anime streaming sites, with shows like My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Naruto, and One Piece available. It frequently uploads the most recent episode of each series. Furthermore, most of the videos on this site are already in HD resolution, such as 720p and 1080p. KissAnime, on the other hand, requires you to create a free account before you can begin watching anime videos for free. However, after you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to manage your favorite anime as often as you like.

8. AnimeUltima:


AnimeUltima is another fantastic free online anime service that offers English-language animated streaming programs. The website’s best feature is that it is entirely free to use. All of the popular animated programs are available on the internet. Aside from animated programs, the website also has a selection of influential animated films.

9. AnimeFreak:


The website AnimeFreak has an extensive animation database with many well-known anime programs. The filters on the navigation menu can help you categorize animes, such as continuing anime, top-rated anime, the entire anime list, genres, the most recent anime episodes, and the most popular anime. Both dubbed and subtitled anime is available on AnimeFreak. The high-definition feeds are a lot of fun to watch. The embedded advertising on AnimeFreak is a tad irritating if there is one flaw.

10. AnimeKisa:


Animekisa is a free anime streaming site where you can find and watch free anime. It doesn’t download, post, or distribute videos; instead, it uses spiders to search the internet for third-party players that already have them. Essentially the same as Google, except with a focus on anime and a “library style” user interface.

11. AnimeDao:


AnimeDao is yet another free anime streaming site that aims to build an online anime community by regularly providing easy access to free and current anime content. It’s simple to use, has a clean layout, and boasts loading times uncommon for such a low-cost service.


Anime isn’t nearly as brutal to find now as a few years ago. There are many alternative anime streaming sites, such as 4Anime.com, that make it simple to view the most popular series. Getting into legal issues for streaming anime isn’t worth it. If you’d instead stream legally, you have a couple of options and enjoy 100 percent worldwide safety in all scenarios while financially supporting the studios and distributors behind the material. I hope that this article has answered your queries about why 4Anime.com was shut down and what sites you can utilize in its place.


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