Best QuillBot Alternatives
Best QuillBot Alternatives

What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is a readily available, reasonably priced paraphrasing tool that can translate any text using cutting-edge AI. The tool’s primary goal is to reword the material while maintaining the original meaning by altering the sentence structure and substituting synonyms for terms. Rohit Gupta, Anil Jason, and David Silin, three computer science students, launched it in 2017. Since then, they have steadily incorporated new features and enhanced the product’s quality. QuillBot offers a summarising and grammar checking tool in addition to the paraphrasing tool, all under one roof. You might be shocked to learn that QuillBot is used by 10 million people, including writers, professionals, and students, to create compelling content.

Five quill modes were previously available from QuillBot for content quilling, but they have now added two more quill modes and Summarizer features, which are covered here.


  • There are 125 words in the phrase
  • Modes of Standard and Fluency
  • Three possible synonyms
  • 1 freezing expression or word
  • using the Summarizer, 1200 words
  • more rapid processing
  • advanced rewrites of the grammar
  • Mode Comparison (Desktop only)
  • Check for Plagiarism


  • liberal use of the free account
  • For paid accounts, advanced features and restrictions
  • Grammarly is no longer necessary, thanks to grammar checkers
  • Creating citations, summarising, and paraphrasing
  • offers a Chrome Extension and Google Docs
  • unconditional money-back promise (72 hr period)


  • For free accounts, there are just two writing modes
  • No GPT-3 AI can register for free as Jasper AI.
  • Selecting the best-sounding phrase structure and synonyms frequently requires manual effort.
  • One word can be frozen in the free account, a minimal amount.
  • Creative Quill mode can result in mistakes. Please look at the screenshot below.

10 Best QuillBot Alternatives

1. Word Ai (Paid):

Word Ai (Paid)

One of the most excellent and most established rephrasing programs is Word AI. Word Ai is a healthy substitute for Quillbot, even though it is technically an article rewriter. The program has been working to improve itself since the beginning, which makes it the best. It was the first tool to comprehend and paraphrase your text using artificial intelligence. This tool is hassle-free and easy to use.

It has a community of academics, bloggers, and SEO specialists.

It is thus among the top Quillbot alternatives. They get faster and better services with each new update to Word Ai. According to the Word Ai team, the latest version is 149.8 times quicker than the previous one.

Key features:

  • Allows for bulk uploads.
  • Produces about 1,000 different variations of each article.
  • Automatic grammar and spelling checker.
  • It makes phrases easier to read by breaking them up into smaller sections.
  • Utilizes LSI keywords and analogous synonyms.
  • Supports editing HTML and coded articles in code view.


You may try Word Ai out for free for three days. They offer three premium plans at $57 per month: monthly, annual, and enterprise.

2. Jasper AI:

Jasper AI

Another excellent alternative for creating original material is Jasper AI. Paraphrase the article you wrote in the past. However, it involves more than merely rephrasing information. Even with the keywords you give, Jasper AI generates text for you that has been completely rewritten. You can quickly and easily rewrite a whole article with minimum effort. Just giving an outline will produce content. Finally, it creates material that is both human-readable and highly ranked for SEO searches.

Key Features

  • Write more innovative and complex sentences.
  • gives you blog post suggestions
  • Create succinct material, such as video introductions and descriptions.
  • Produce imaginative bios to add personality to your business.
  • Give you a list of articles
  • Long-form content was produced using a tool.


They do not, regrettably, provide a free plan. You can, however, test out their beginning and pro versions. They were beginning at $29 monthly.

3. Article Rewriter Tool:

Article Rewriter Tool

The Article Rewriter Tool is an excellent Quillbot substitute since it lets you specify which words should not be included in the paraphrase. It is a free online tool you are not required to register for. With little work, you may maximize the success of your internet business with the free tool.

Key Features:

  • The tool’s ability to help you create material for your blog or website is one of its main advantages.
  • Additionally, you can write any creative piece, sponsored article, Twitter message, or newsfeed.
  • The tool can revise a complete article or a particular passage, like a sentence or a phrase.
  • Your boring writing style can be transformed into readable, distinctive, and SEO-friendly content by using a blog.
  • If you want the article to paraphrase and spin capitalized terms, tick the appropriate option while spinning the article.


This online tool for paraphrasing articles, sentences, and paragraphs is free.

4. Wordtune:


Wordtune is the ideal substitute for Quillbot because they both provide comparable features. AI21 labs introduced this tool back in 2018. The primary objective of developing this program was to assist users in applying AI to enhance their writing. Several sentences can be changed in a matter of seconds. It is also among the best AI writing tools, and its developers always look for ways to improve it. One of its capabilities is rephrasing, and Wordtune also allows you to alter the tone of your writing. You can examine the grammar and incorrectly written sentences using the built-in grammar checker and spelling fixer tools.

Key Features:

  • Sentence-by-sentence rephrase long-form content
  • There is a free Chrome extension.
  • provides word equivalents
  • Integration of Outlook and Google Docs
  • Adapt your writing to other languages
  • Modify the voice of your writing


Wordtune offers a free everlasting plan that lets you rephrase up to 10 sentences each day. Costing $9.99 a month or $119.88 annually is the premium plan.

5. Spin Rewriter:

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter does precisely what its name implies: twists and spins your material before rewriting it. Let us simplify our explanation for you. In contrast to Quillbot, which creates only one copy of each piece of cloth, Spin Rewriter spins your writing into various documents. Quillbot has a lower word limit than Spin Rewriter. It comprehends your material before rewriting it to ensure you get stuff that sounds like a human wrote it. This characteristic makes Spin Rewriter the choice of bloggers and SEO experts.

Key Features:

  • Supports both batch export and bulk upload.
  • Create and export up to 1,000 copies of each article.
  • Phrase-level spinning is provided via ENL technology.
  • 16+ practical instruction videos.
  • It supports mobile devices.
  • It enables you to add videos and photographs.


You can try Spin Rewriter for five days without charge. Starting at $47 a month, you can access their premium edition and use it without restrictions.

6. Chimp Rewriter:

Spinner Chief

The article rewriting tool Chimp Rewriter is compelling and clever, making it one of the top Quillbot alternatives. It combines Natural Language Processing and artificial intelligence (NLP). The software is all about its cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) tools to assist you in analyzing, searching, and rewriting your content in multiple languages, spinning them, grabbing existing content, audio, and videos, and creating or recreating complex, plagiarised content at the touch of a button!

Key Features:

  • Your content rewriting is not only innovative and practical but also of the highest caliber, thanks to AI and NLP technology.
  • Using its comprehensive API, you can link to third-party SEO and other content production apps.
  • The software supports twelve different languages, making it a favorite of bloggers and students everywhere.
  • You may easily add audio and video elements to your project to make it more engaging.
  • Like Content Professor, Chimp Rewriter enables you to assess the subject’s grammar, syntax, word density, and LSI. It is tremendous assistance when writing SEO content.


There is a 14-day free trial period available. In addition, you may always subscribe to its monthly plan for $15 per month or $99 per year, with the option to cancel at any time.

7. Spinner Chief:

Spinner Chief

Spinner Chief gives web as well as desktop versions of the software. Similar traits are present in both versions. Both automatic and manual features are available in the online edition. Rewrites and edits your material so that it is legible to people. Many students, lecturers, and bloggers rely on Spinner Chief for their work because of its endurance. It offers material that is appropriate for all search engines. Additionally, it works with various programs, including those for Windows, Mac, Android, etc.

Key Features:

  • Create your content auto-spin protocols.
  • You can spin content in mass with the batch spin function.
  • Offers information in a variety of languages.
  • AI is used to comprehend the content.
  • Most effective statistical replacement technology.
  • Provides analysis of natural language.


Spinner Chief provides a free plan. However, the premium version, which starts at $25 per month, allows you to access all of their features.

8. Grammarly (Free & Paid):


In this comparison, Quillbot and Grammarly have also been compared closely. Grammarly offers a rephrasing tool that allows you to restate your phrases for improved grammar, even though it isn’t precisely a paraphrasing tool. A grammar checker is present. But this one is more accurate than Quillbot’s grammar checker, which is part of their premium service.

Grammarly, in its free edition, highlights your simple grammatical error. Its premium edition, however, offers more sophisticated adjustments. Additionally, its rephrasing tool transforms complex sentences into clear, understandable sentences and raises the quality of your work.

Key features:

  • Provides you with choices for synonyms.
  • Extremely user-friendly interface
  • It assists you in making your material distinctive.
  • Provides a built-in plagiarism detector.
  • Focuses on creating clear sentences.
  • Your text’s fluency will be improved.


You can use Grammarly’s free edition without time restrictions, but it has limited capabilities. You must purchase their premium plan, which starts at $12.50 per month for one user, to access its advanced features.

9. Spinbot:


If you want to write in-depth articles, Spinbot is the best option. It offers free rewriting of papers up to 10,000 characters. Yes, Quillbot has a significant word deficit there. Ironically, the word limit on Quillbot’s commercial version matches Spinbot’s free version. Hundreds of bloggers and students are part of its vast community.

Key Features:

  • Offers the highest spinning limit without cost.
  • You can choose which sentences you don’t want the machine to spin using the Ignore function.
  • You may access it without signing up or making an account.
  • You can easily upload material to your website using the Spintbot API.
  • It gives you complete rein to revise the 1,000-word piece.
  • Pleasant user interface


Many of Spinbot’s features are accessible for free. For about $10 a month, you may upgrade to their premium version and avoid problems.

10. Plagiarism Detector:

Plagiarism Detector

One of the Quillbot alternatives is Plagiarism Detector, a free, intelligent, online plagiarism checker. The matter is complicated if you are a student or a professional because the site is dependable, user-friendly, and cost-free. It allows you to do a thorough, in-depth search to detect higher levels of plagiarism.

Key Features:

  • It incorporates a grammar checker, a paraphrasing tool, and a plagiarism checker in addition to being a plagiarism checker.
  • You can examine your writings for plagiarism in the accessible version of up to 1,000 words. Behind This, you must upgrade to the Pro plan, which enables a maximum of 25,000 words.
  • Additionally, it provides ad-free functionality, accurate reporting, and support for numerous file types in addition to data security.
  • Additionally, it is simple and does in-depth searches using the most recent technology.


Basic: This costs $20 a month for students to access.
Institute: $50/month is charged
Enterprise: $90/month is the going rate


You can now choose from the top 18 Quillbolt alternatives among all the websites similar to QuillBot. Determine your priorities and whether a free or paid option is what you need. If you are satisfied with the freemium options, you can select the one with the highest word counts or pay for a tool that gives you enhanced tools for quickly and efficiently delivering scholarly work. Time, after all, is valuable.


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