Best Otakustream Alternatives

What is Otakustream?

Otakustream is another term for the new anime streaming platform on the market. This is the finest option for everyone using the internet, offering a selection of no-cost anime series and films that are distributed by outside servers. You may download or watch HD anime series on this website. The Otakustream database, which is accessible from anywhere in the world at any time, has tonnes of movies and other interesting content. When you access the website, all the new series of versions are presented on the front of the screen along with categories and advanced search fields to make it easier for you to find your preferred things.

Otakustream is renowned for being a place where all anime fans may interact with one another. Additionally, this website has a lot of intriguing features that set it apart from competitors. Overall, it is a platform that all fans of anime will become addicted to. Also, read Best Comicwalker Alternatives.


  • Free anime streaming shows with a broad selection.
  • Simple categories-based search and filtering for anime
  • Lists of anime programs can be sorted by “trending anime” or “popular anime.”
  • Users rate the anime, allowing you to benefit from their knowledge.

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  • Cons:
  • Once more, it is unclear who is in charge of this website. No “about” page.
  • The anime series are listed by their Japanese names; to discover anime by their English names, you must use the search.

10 Best Otakustream Alternatives

1. Anime Season:

Anime Season

You will adore Anime Season if you enjoy anime. When other anime streaming services like Otakustream don’t function properly on your computer, this one is worth a try. This website has an amazing selection of anime. It’s simple to lose hours of your day viewing various anime programs without getting bored! Here you may find all the most well-known anime series, like Hunter, Alice of Zouroku, and others. The website’s user interface is extremely pleasant. On Anime Season, you can quickly and conveniently find a variety of anime shows and watch them online. You now understand why it is one of the most popular anime streaming websites worldwide.

The website’s best feature is that you can watch every anime episode for free. No signing up, registering or subscribing. It is a website that streams anime with little pop-up advertising. The series’ videos can be seen in high resolution as well. A movie experience in your own house! The categories used to categorize the anime shows include most recent series, complete series listing, genres, and highly-rated seriees

2. Crunchyroll:


Another great alternative is Crunchyroll. It is more than just an anime website; it also provides users with manga and drama. Japanese TV serial Dorma is quite well-liked in certain nations. Therefore, this list has everything you’ll need to pass the time.

Since its start in 2006, Crunchyroll has become one of the most talked-about websites for streaming anime. It offers more than 900 shows with about 25,000 episodes. When Otakustream doesn’t work for you, you may rely on this website to stream your favorite anime movies. You can select a language to view your favorite anime on the website that streams anime. Its incredible user interface allows it to display thousands of anime and manga episodes, as well as films, television programs, dramas, soundtracks, and other content.

3. GoGo Anime:

GoGo Anime

GoGo Anime is a website that offers a variety of anime series and movies in various resolutions for online viewing, much to this. What makes it best? It’s free! For easier navigation, it includes a well-designed homepage with all the content arranged in A-Z order.

On this anime streaming website, you can get everything from the newest anime shows to the most well-liked films and vintage anime series.

4. 9Anime:


With its huge and top-notch database, 9Anime, one of the most well-known anime streaming websites, attracts millions of anime fans.

You can view your favorite anime videos on the website without registering. Its availability of videos in both dubbed and subbed English versions sets it apart from the other anime websites on this list of Otakustream rivals. The anime videos that are available on the website have excellent sound quality.

5. AnimePark:


Given that it provides practically all types of anime episodes with English subtitles, AnimePark is one of the most dependable alternatives to this. The best part is that watching your favorite anime is completely free. It is uncharged! Additionally, AnimePark offers anime show downloads. Over 4000 anime series are presently available on AnimePark, which is regularly updated. Your preferred anime shows are available for free HD streaming. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about disruptions like buffering. Users of AnimePark can select anime shows from a variety of genres, including drama, action, adventure, romance, and more. The website’s user experience is equally simple and uncluttered. For its viewers to watch their preferred anime shows, it provides several streaming servers.

6. Anilinkz:


Another great option for streaming your favorite anime content is Anilinkz. This website is superior to Okatustram and other anime streaming services since it has a large selection of anime series and movies. Anilinkz caters to consumers from all around the world by offering dubbed and subtitled versions of anime series in various languages. The database is regularly updated with both recent and archival anime programs. I want to thank the development team!

The biggest feature of this website, in addition to its fantastic user design, is how effectively it categorizes anime shows into different genres. This website has everything, from current anime series to vintage and classic animes. These features are all yours for nothing! Why not use Anilinkz instead of this if security issues let you down?

7. Anime-Planet:


The large collection of 45,000 legal anime shows on Anime-Planet makes it one of the greatest Otakustream options. It was established in 2001 and is the go-to resource for fans of anime and manga to locate their preferred anime and manga content.

The website’s homepage is carefully created with a user-friendly interface and divided into many categories of animes, including the newest anime suggestions, the week’s most popular manga, and more. You may access a large selection of HD-quality manga and anime shows there for nothing.

8. AnimeLab:


You may watch anime movies on your PC and mobile devices for free by visiting AnimeLab, another website that offers anime streaming. All of your favorite anime’s entire episodes are available on the website. Simply search for the anime you desire to watch online. Additionally, it features mobile apps that you may readily download online.

But AnimeLab is only accessible to residents of Australia and New Zealand. But in today’s technological world, nothing is insurmountable! You may view AnimeLab in your nation by using a VPN service.

9. Anime Freak:

Anime Freak

When Otakustream is unable to support your system, another recommended website is Anime Freak. You are going to adore this website if you enjoy watching anime and manga videos. The website offers a vast collection of manga and anime material divided into several genres, including humor, horror, romance, action, etc. It offers a welcoming and lovely user interface with several useful connections, including the most recent episodes, active animes, browse by genre, well-liked anime, and more.

10. Daisuki:


Here is a good substitute to choose from if Otakustream is not able to stream anime shows for you. Daisuki. It is yet another complete anime website that offers uninterrupted high-quality streaming. However, it is preferable if you have a VPN and ad-blocker software installed on your computer. This anime website, which was created by actual anime studios, provides access to all available anime programming. On Daisuki, you may find all of the most popular and recent animes in addition to the rarest of animes.

Even though you may access all of the anime series on the internet without registering, we advise logging up for high-resolution quality videos. Once you register on the website, you can even access the Daisuki Android and iOS apps. The fact that it has a clean interface and website design distinguishes it from the other Otakustream options on the list in a significant way. All the anime shows are conveniently categorized into distinct groups according to their genres.


OtakuStream was a fantastic platform for bringing joy to people. Sadly, it no longer functions. As a result, you can use the mirrors indicated in the article or choose one of its alternatives.


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