Best Honto Alternatives
Best Honto Alternatives

What is Honto?

Honto is one of the top places for free manga reading online. This is the ideal location to learn manga, manhua, and manhwa. On Honto, you can read high-quality, free manga online. This concerned that you receive the best manga comics. This is designed for those who enjoy reading the manga of all varieties, including manhua. Every day, The Honto adds new comics to its extensive collection. You may read newly released manga updates for free on This. It is an excellent place to acquire the most recent updates on manga. This is free to use if you wish to read the most recent manga.

Everything you need for the manga, manhua, or manhwa fans may be found at This. It offers free access to HD manga online. This wants to provide you with the best manga available. This is designed for those who enjoy reading manga, including manhua and other varieties. This continually expands its massive library of comics. You can read free updates to freshly released manga at This site. Honto is another resource for the most recent manga news. The most recent Honto manga can be read for free.


  • enormous content
  • Free accessibility.
  • Optimal user interface.
  • She dubbed films.
  • Video quality controls.


  • simple installation
  • Massive availability of content.
  • Customer service.
  • We cover every genre, including romance, thriller, middle-grade, and many others.
  • embedded video player
  • No registration is required.
  • Slick user interface.
  • Fast search box.


  • Not available on Google Play.
  • They are not fostering trust.
  • Can damage the gadget.
  • You must manually update it because it does not update automatically.

10 Best Honto Alternatives

1. MangaKakalot:


MangaKakalot is an alternative to Honto. It is a standard website with simple navigation. The website has an extensive selection of comics. It can be used to find the manga you’re looking for. The user interface of this website is quite friendly, even for younger people. There are no glitches or issues with this website. It is available on all platforms for free.

2. Chia-Anime:


On the Chia-Anime website, you may read manga and watch your favorite anime and cartoons. A small but frequently updated manga library is available on the internet. The website has a search function to help you find what you’re searching for. The user interface is straightforward. The website offers free content. The website is available on all platforms and is free of pop-up advertisements.

3. Renta:


Renta is on our list of the best Honto replacements. As you may probably guess from the title, you can rent any manga title here for 48 hours. You can upgrade to unlimited time if you want more time to read a manga comic. It offers a straightforward UI and a cutting-edge web layout. Due to the ability for users to access the most recent manga sample, the homepage feature design is particularly alluring. Most of the manga series on Renta’s website are from the shojo, errotica, and harlequin romance manga subgenres.

4. MangaReader:


MangaReader is another choice for reading your favorite manga. MnagaReader resembles Mangago in many ways. It has the standard, regularly updated manga comic collection. Additionally, you can use it to view your favorite anime series. Due to the similarity between the two websites, the UI is similar to Honto.
The website contains some mature content, making it unsuitable for children. Due to the constant pop-up adverts, the website could be irritating. An Android app that you can install can be downloaded from the website. MangaReader is available on many different platforms.

5. MangaEden:


MangaEden is the Honto replacement in second place. Although there is a limited selection of genres, it is an excellent website for manga fans. The most recent things are frequently added to the collection. The straightforward UI makes it simple to use. Even though visiting the website is free, access to some services requires registration. There are no intrusive advertisements; you may view them from any platform.

6. MangaFreak:


MangaFreak is the next choice on our list of the best Honto alternatives. There is a lot of manga series having scanlations in them. It has a lot to offer while being less well-known than other websites that provide free access to manga.
One platform that lets users resume reading is MangaFreak. Although it is helpful for readers who can’t finish a manga in a single sitting, not many manga websites have this feature.
Another feature I enjoy is MangaFreak’s download tool, which allows you to download any manga you want for free if you don’t want to be online.

7. Mangakisa:


The Honto substitute manga reader website While reading manga on Mangakisa, no adverts are shown. Consequently, they won’t keep you from reading manga. Crowdfunding has made it feasible. On our comprehensive manga reader website, you may read a wide variety of mangas every day in HD.
Mangakisa, one of the powerful manga platforms, offers several extra features, user interfaces, and services. Mangakisa is a website that provides more benefits than the only reading manga. On it, you can also watch anime.

8. MangaDoom:


MangaDoom, like the other websites we’ve discussed in this article, has a good selection of manga comics for reading as an alternative to Honto. Every manga title is freely accessible on the MangaDoom website. The website structure of MangaDoom is made up of specific components like the Popular Updates, Popular Manga, Genres area, and Comments section.
MangaDoom users have access to a specific chatbox feature. It can be used to discuss the manga you’re reading with other readers. It might not, though, be very active.

9. MangaPanda:

Manga Panda

MangaPanda can be used as a substitute for Honto. The website is straightforward and provides access to an extensive library of manga comics, featuring titles in various genres like humor, romance, action, and more. The website’s collection is regularly updated. Watching anime and Chinese movies is also possible on the website.
On MangaPanda, the user experience is simple and welcoming. The website is fine, but I wouldn’t recommend it to kids due to the sexual content and lack of an option to turn it off. The website is available on practically every device and includes an app. Even though the website is free, you might find the continual ads unpleasant.

10. MangaDex:


On the website MangaDex, you may get a fantastic manga collection for reading fun. The website’s reading options are average. Even if the content is poor, MangaDex routinely refreshes it. It can be used to search for the manga you’re looking for.
The interface is easy to use and navigate. The adverts on the website don’t irritate you. In a nutshell, MangaDex is accessible on all systems.


Here is our list of the best Honto replacements for 2022. Thank you for reading. Every time you want to read manga, there is a website where you can find it. We have compiled a list of websites that are all worth visiting.


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